maandag 23 februari 2009

Laurell K. Hamilton - The laughing corpse

Anita Blake, a former vampire hunter and necromancer gets an offer by Harold Gaynor to raise a 300-year-old zombie for one million dollars. Anita has no other choice to decline his offer, because to raise a zombie that old it needs a human sacrifice and that is the one thing Anita won’t do. But when violent murders start occurring involving flesh-eating zombie, Anita knows that someone else has raise the old zombie.

In order to stop this flesh-eating zombie she goes to the most powerful voodoo priestess Dominga Salvador for some information about this killer. But Dominga wants something in return, it appears Anita has some incredible powers of her own and Dominga wants her to join her. Again Anita refuses to work for Dominga and that puts her on the priestess enemy list.

Not only does Anita has to find this zombie and kill the thing before more families are getting killed, but she also has to fight every creature the priestess send after her. Then on top of all her problems Jean Claude, the new master vampire of the City is trying to seduce her; although he is gorgeous Anita refuses to get involve with any vampire. But Jean Claude doesn’t give up that easy.

The laughing corpse by Laurell K. Hamilton is the second novel in her Anita Blake series and just like the first novel I was hooked from the first page till the last. This novel lures you into a world full of danger, creatures and most of all a strong determined woman her town against evil.

Anita Blake is a strong woman; she is a professional animator who raises the dead. She is good at her job, that is why clients specifically as for her to do the though jobs. Besides that she is a licensed vampire killer, the executioner. But she’s also working with the police special zombie squat, which calls her form time to time when they need her opinion about different creatures.

Anita’s relationship with Jean Claude, the master vampire of the city is difficult. Yes, there is a huge attraction between the two of them and if it was up to Jean Claude she would be his human servant forever. But Anita refuses to be anyone’s servant, especially Jean Claude, even if he is the most gorgeous man she ever seen.
I really enjoy reading this novel and loved every minute of it. I cannot wait to see what the future has in store for Anita…will she finally give in and spent some time with Jean Claude or will there be someone else fighting for her attention.


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