maandag 23 februari 2009

Karen Marie Moning - Faefever

MacKayla “Mac” Lane left the States and went to Ireland to find out who killed her sister Alina and after learning she inherited some great powers she knows she have to find the killer among the Fae. With her powers she can track down the Unseelie Hallow’s and most important, the Sinsar Dubh, a book of black magic that will turn the world upside down. Everybody wants for Mac to find the book and hand it over to them, but Mac isn’t a fool, she knows that the one who owns the book will be in charge of its fate and she trusts nobody. Even her companions Barrons & V’Lane, gorgeous and powerful, but both have their own agenda and they won’t fill Mac in.

But now hallows eve is fast approaching and hell will break loose in Dublin, and it seems that Mac is the only one with enough power to stop the Fae from breaking down the huge wall between both world. Mac doesn’t know whom she can trust. Will she be able to stop the wall from breaking down or will she fail?

Faefever by Karen Marie Moning is the third novel in the Fever series. What I like about this series is that the storyline continues where the previous novel left off. When you have read the first page of the book, it lures you right into the world you never want to leave.

MacKayla Lane is still determined to punish the murderer of her sister Alina and also to find the Sinsar Dubh book. But after finding the book and saw what it would do to people, she is not sure it will be the right thing to hand it over to her companions Barrons or V’Lane. The book is pure evil and will turn the one it chooses to do evil things. And when Christopher MacKeltar and his uncles Drustan & Dageas ask for her help too, she isn’t sure whom to trust, because it seems everyone is having their own agenda and all want something from her.

Both Barrons and V’lane are determined to get Mac on their side and want to make the other male look foolish, but Mac doesn’t trust neither of them. Even though they both keep looking out for her, they are holding back a lot of information.

I honestly can say I found this series very interesting, especially to see the heat between Barrons & Mac, but also between V’lane & Mac. It’s not quite clear which site Barrons is on and we are no closer to finding out who he really is. I’ll hope we find out more in the next novel, because it is driving me crazy.

The ending of the book is breathtaking, alarming and fabulous, it is begging for the next novel and I cannot wait.


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