dinsdag 3 februari 2009

Stephenie Meyer - Twilight

Bella Swan recently moved back to her birth town Forks, Washington to live with her father, the police chief. Bella doesn’t like to be back, but she wants to give her mother a change to follow her stepdad to Florida. Bella has always been an outsider at school, so she doesn’t expect to find some new friend, but Jessica and Mike are the first ones to bring her in.

At lunch Bella discovers a lonely group of five, all of them pale and strange light colored eyes, Jasper, Alice, Emmet, Rosalie and Edward Cullen. Bella finds herself drawn to Edward and when the two of them meet in biology class, he totally ignores her and acts really strange, he even storms out the classroom when the bell rings and doesn’t show up for days after that. But suddenly Edward shows up, when another student’s car skids on some ice and is heading towards Bella. Edward shields Bella with his body and force the car to stop.

Edward wants Bella to stay away from him, because it will be dangerous, but he cannot ignore the huge attraction between them and they fall in love. The Cullen family isn’t thrilled about their relationship, because it puts everyone at risks when Bella discovers the truth about them. But when they get to know Bella, the only thing to do is to bring her in the family.

But danger is just around the corner when the Cullen family is playing baseball in a thunderstorm when three other vampires are coming. They are surprised to see a large group of vampires living together so close to humans and drink only animal blood. One of the three vampires, James smells that Bella is human and wants her blood, a fact that Edward doesn’t like. So to protect Bella from James, Alice and Jasper take her to Phoenix, so that the others can deal with James. But will it work?

Twilight by Stephenie Meyer is the first novel in her Twilight series and I loved it. It’s a young adult novel about a relationship between a vampire and a young woman, a forbidden love.

Bella Swan has always been the outsider at school and when she moved back to her birth town to live with her father, nothing is different. But when she meets Edward Cullen and falls in love with him, her life is about to change for good. He is different from all the other boys at school, his unusual looks, his moves and the golden color of his eyes, but when Bella figures out what he really is, everything falls into place. Edward thinks the truth will scare Bella off, but she is determined to let this relationship work. Everything seems to work out fine, till three strange vampires come to town and one of them sets his eyes on Bella. This vampire James is determined to have Bella’s blood and nothing will stop him.

When I was reading this book the determination of Bella to let nothing comes in her way of her relationship with Edward, not even her discovery about him being a vampire, was what really draw me into this book. She doesn’t mind that the Cullen family exists of vampires and visits them regularly, she even become very close with Alice.

Well I’m looking forward to the next novel and she how this relationship is going to develop.


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