maandag 9 maart 2009

Sydney Croft - Seduced by the storm

ACRO agent and ex-navy seal Wyatt Kennedy is sitting and relaxing in the local bar. He has been collec6ing data for his agency so they can destroy the weather machine. This machine can create mayor storms and hurricanes. Wyatt is enjoying his drink when a beautiful woman walks towards him and asks him for help. She tells him her former boyfriend is following her and she wants Wyatt to kiss her. Of course Wyatt doesn’t waste any time and release his strong sexual pheromones to do the job.

When free agent Faith Black asks this gorgeous stranger to help her out, she has no idea what she’s gotten herself into. They spend a very hot and steamy night together, but she has a mission, which is to get her hands on a weather machine, so she can get her long-lost sister back. But Faith soon discovers she’s not the only one hunting this machine, when she spots the very same man she spends the night with.

Seduced by the storm by Sydney Croft is the third novel in the ACRO series and I loved it. The attraction between Wyatt and Faith is huge; their love-scenes are steamy and hot, that it will make your body shiver.

Main-characters Wyatt and Faith are a great couple, form the first moment they lay eyes on each other in the bar, sparkles are flying around.
Wyatt is one of the special agents at ACRO with his own gifts telekinesis. This gift brings another aspect to it, he needs to get his sexual tensions out, but he downside of it all is after spending a night with a woman, the moment he leaves the room, the woman forget all about him But now he seems to have found a woman, who remembers him and isn’t afraid of his unique gifts. But it seems she has some secrets of her own.
Faith Black discovers her gift at an early age, she is bio-telekinesis, and this means she is able to find a small opening in someone’s aura and then break into the body and then do some serious damage to the organs. But she lost her twin-sister when she was young, Faith is trying to find her ever since. Now she has some new leads and the only thing she has to do is find this weather machine and exchanges it for her sister. But can she trust them?

What I really like about these books is the strong attraction between the main-characters, but also the secondary storylines. The books are not all about one couple finding their way to each other. From the first novel you see what happens to Devlin O’Malley, the head of the ACRO agency and his own paranormal gifts and his unusual relationship with Oz. The second couple that is struggling with their relation from the first novel is Annika & Creed. Each time we discover more and more about their past, their own gifts and the struggles in the relationship.

I have to say these books are on of the best erotica novels I’ve ever read. I’m definitely going to read the next novel.


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