dinsdag 3 februari 2009

Lilith Saintcrow - Saint City sinners

Japh and Dante are going to Egypt to meet the rest of the group. The tenuous between Japh and Dante are huge but both of them are trying to give their relationship a change, even if this mean set their stubbornness aside for a moment. In Egypt Dante receives a message from her best friend Gabe, where she asks Dante to come back to Saint City as soon as possible. Dante knows she will get a fight with Japh over this, but she cannot ignore the message and give Japh the choice….come with her or stay behind. When they arrive in Saint City, Dante is shocked to see how much everything is changed since she left town.

Dante learns that Gabe’s husband Eddie has been murdered and she requests Dante’s help to find and punish his killer. But Gabe has a few more surprises for Dante, because Gabe’s little daughter is in danger too and if Gabe doesn’t survive the journey Dante has to take care of her. Dante refuses because she knows she cannot take care of a little child with her lifestyle, but she cannot let her best friend down.

But Dante is in for a whole lot of more trouble…it seems everyone, demons, mob and assassins want to get a hold of her and for once. But why…..that is the big question….

Saint City Sinners by Lilith Saintcrow is the fourth novel in her Dante Valentine series and a fabulous story. This novel starts off where the last book the devil’s right hand left off. Just like the previous books this one will lure you into a world where demons and other beings are normal, the action level is high and just the way I like it.

In the previous novel we saw Dante’s struggle with her trust in Japh, but now Japh and Dante both do some incredible things to try and save their relationship. Dante finally gets some answers to some of her questions she’s been having since she met Japh and slowly rebuilds her trust in him.

With the help of Hellesvront agents Vann & McKinley and Lucas Villalobos, their search for Demon Eve and her companions are coming to an end. And when they finally catch Eve, but Dante doesn’t know who to trust…is Eve telling her the truth or should she listen to Japh and trust his judgment. And what about Lucifer, he is trying to kill from the day they met, will she be able to survive all of this and kill the bastard.

I believe this novel is the best one in this series and I’m curious to find out if Dante is able to sort things out for herself and give the people around her a change to help her.


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