maandag 9 februari 2009

Lilith Saintcrow - To hell and back

This story continues where the last novel left off with Dante bleeding and half-dead in an alley, where Lucifer left her after beating the shit out of her. Dante cannot remember much of it, but she has one thing on her mind…revenge and nothing or nobody is going to stand in her way. Luckily for Dante Lucas comes to her rescue and takes her back to Japhrimel, where Dante discovers that Japh has been tearing the town apart looking for her and has declared war against Lucifer.

But to kill the devil they need a special knife that was made for hedaira to protect her against the demons, so only Dante is able to kill Lucifer and that is the most important thing on her mind right now. But life is not simple when Dante is once again forced to question the true loyalty and intention of Japh. Will he really help her kill Lucifer once and for all or is this just another distraction to get to Eve and her companions?

Dante comes soon to realize that she’s just another pawn in the war between demons and she begins to think the only person she can truly trust is herself, so Dante have to make plans of her own in the war.

To hell and back by Lilith Saintcrow is the final novel in her Dante Valentine series and one hell of ending this series. The book is filled with action, demons, adventure and emotional fears, all the things I loved in a great novel. I truly can say this novel kept me on the edge reading it,

Miss Saintcrow really knows how to writes plots of doubt, lies, betrayal and continue doing this through all her novel and slowly reveal them to a conclusion in the end. She never disappointed me with her novels and really loves the way the relationship develops between Dante and Japh. The ending is not happily ever after, but one pick out of life and very satisfying to me.

Of course there were things I wanted to know, but weren’t explained … like Lucas, the Deathless, why was he cursed by Death and who was he? What about Eve…was she really a part of Dante or just Doreen? I think those questions will never be explain or maybe there will be a short story to clear things up…who knows. I am for sure a huge fan of this series and really recommend it if you like demons, plot and adventure.


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