zondag 27 januari 2008

C.T. Adams & Cathy Clamp - Howling moon

Raphael Ramirez former shape shifter and secret police agent got a call from Chief Justice and head of the Sazi community Charles and asks to do him a favor. He must find Charles’ goddaughter Catherine Turner before her first change. Raphael worst enemy, a were-jaguar serial killer named Jack Simpson murdered Catherine’s parents and injured her during the fight. Now her first moon is coming and someone has to be there if the transformation will turn out bad and she has to be put down.

Catherine Turner lives with her aunt Violet after her parent’s death and lately Catherine experiences some changes in her live, her taste for red meat, her great hearing and the ignoring voice in her head.
When the full moon is there she experiences the biggest change in her life, she is a jaguar shape shifter. But help is there, a gorgeous wolf shifter is there to control her hunger and make sure she is surviving the transformation.

Charles knows he’s asking a lot of Raphael because his pack wolves want Catherine dead and serial killer Jack is probably hunting her down to complete the job. Raphael is determined to keep Catherine save from both enemies, especially when he finds out that Catherine is his soul mate, even if Raphael is a wolf and Catherine a jaguar.

Howling moon by C.T. Adams & Cathy Clamp is the fourth novel in the Tales of the Sazi and again a great novel, which took me on an adventure full of danger, serial killers and enemies to fight against.

The bond between the main-characters Raphael and Catherine is strong from the moment they meet at the full moon with Catherine’s first transformation. Even though Raphael is a wolf and Catherine a jaguar they appear to be each other’s soul mates.
Raphael Ramirez is the second alpha in his pack and leads the pack when Lucas is not around. When his former Chief asks him to protect a jaguar, he knows there will be trouble. Cats and dog are not meant to be together, but he also cannot deny his feelings. And when he finds out that his old enemy is after Catherine he will do anything to keep her save. Catherine Turner has just survived an attack from a wild animal, not knowing that the bite will change her life forever. Not only had her parents died during the attack, but she inherited some gifts from the shape shifters. Now she is in danger and her only chance to survive is to accept the help of gorgeous Raphael Ramirez.

Again the secondary characters are strong, serial killer Jack Simpson is the red line in this novel. He is the one whom attacks Catherine, performs mind control on her mind and is also the enemy of Raphael. Then you have Charles the godfather of Catherine and Raphael’s former boss, the bear shifters will do anything to protect her even if it means he has to ignore some rules. Raven Ramirez, the second best agent of the Wolven and Raphael’s son is also coming by to help his father and keep Catherine save.

I really don’t know what to say about this series….I am totally hooked, I only can say I love it. The way these authors created this Sazi world, the danger, the powers and the love, it’s great. After reading the first three novels I was a little sceptic because to me it seemed difficult to keep this level of quality, but C.T. Adams & Cathy Clamp did it again. I found myself in a world of love, danger, companion and enemies and I didn’t want to stop reading this book.

Love can conquer all, even if it means that love comes from two different species.


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