zondag 27 januari 2008

C.T. Adams & Cathy Clamp - Moon's web

This story continues with Tony and Sue, just about where we left off in Hunter’s moon.
With their new identities Tony and Sue are living totally in the world of the Sazi. Because Tony is a werewolf, they’re travelling to Chicago to live with their new pack, lead by Nikoli. Just recovering from his injuries and trying to adjust in his new pack, Tony gets a visit from his good friend Bobby Mbutu, a Wolven agent, the law enforcement branch of the Wolven. It seems that Tony’s old mafia boss Carmine and his wife Linda are in trouble. Babs, the werewolf who converted Tony is the third party in the relationship between Carmine and Linda. And now she is missing, kidnapped by a rogue Sazi who is preying on others of their kind. Carmine only wants Tony to handle this case.

But that is not all Tony has to deal with, he begins to acquire a new Sazi gift hindsight, Tony is able to see the past or the present. Tony has a hard time to get used to this new gift, but with the help of Sue and a few other Seers he learns to control it. As the situation only grows worse when there are more Sazi women disappearing, all in the middle of an important conference for all of the Sazi species. The Sazi’s realize that the enemy is more powerful then they had imagined. Will they be able to track down this enemy before it is too late for Babs, Asri and all the other women?

Moon’s Web by C.T. Adams & Cathy Clamp is the second novel in the Tales of the Sazi. Just like the first novel it’s written in the first-person narrative style and from Tony’s point of view. This novel took me on an adventure in a world full of different shape shifters, magic and romance.

The bond between the main-characters Tony and Sue is only getting stronger when we find ourselves further along in the story, even when Sue is completely human she can feel Tony’s thoughts and mood swings. And when Tony finds himself struggling with his place in his new pack it is Sue who supports him in every way.

What I believe is very interesting is that there’s an underlying story about Tony’s friend Bobby and his mate Asri, whom he finds in this novel. Bobby is a strong reptilian shape shifter and a high agent in the Wolven. But when he meets Asri, a powerful dragon shape shifter Bobby is brought to his knees by the love he feels for his mate.

Bobby and Asri are not the only fascinating secondary characters in this novel. Of course we see Carmine, Linda and Babs again, but there are also a few new interesting characters we’re introduced to. The Leader of the pack Nikoli and his mother Lelya and then there is Lucas, another high werewolf who saved Sue when she was little and is now coaching Tony. Charles the chief justice, high leader of the council. Ivan and Raven, two special agents working for the Wolven agent. Antoine Monier and his sisters Amber, Aspen and Fiona who are Seers and the perfect teachers to help Tony with his new gift.

What I really like about this book is the way the authors created this Sazi world. In the first novel the Mafia was the most important lead in the novel. Although you still can sense the power of the mafia, you will find another world more darker and dangerous then Tony is used to.

After reading Hunter’s moon I was very curious about this new world. All I have to say….C.T. Adams & Cathy Clamp didn’t disappoint me. Again they lured me into a world full of danger, excitement and love. And I find myself reading for hours and didn’t want to stop until the book was finished.

Danger and mystery, this novel will keep your attention until you find yourself lost in a world you wouldn’t want to leave.


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