zondag 27 januari 2008

C.T. Adams & Cathy Clamp - Hunter's moon

Tony Giodone is the assassin of the Family, “the mafia“ but that is not all he is, for a year now he is also a werewolf. Although Tony hates the way he became one, he doesn’t hate the surprising gifts that comes along and uses those gifts when he is on a job. Now he’s meeting someone about another job he believes will be routine for him. The moment he meets his client and hears her story, he never expects that it will change his life forever.

Sue Qentin has always been the target of her dominant family. She was not beautiful enough, still single and without children. When she wins the lottery and became a millionaire, the situation is getting worse, her mother is moving in and makes her a prisoner in her own life.
But she can take it no longer and decided to take manners in her own hands. Sue is searching for an assassin who can help her with her problem and finds the perfect man for the job.

The moment Tony meets Sue for the first time and finds out who the real target is he is shocked. Why would the lovely young woman want herself dead? He is very curious, she is shy and feels death is her only way out and he decided to let her tell the whole story. Not knowing full moon is just moments away and when the wolf inside him wants to come out, he tries to chase her away. Only Sue is determined to stay with him and isn’t surprised when he turns into a wolf. Feelings begin to grow between them, but will Sue be safe from Tony’s enemies and can Tony convince Sue to change her life?

Hunter’s moon by C.T. Adams & Cathy Clamp is the first novel in the Tales of the Sazi and it captivated me from the first page. The mix of the Mafia, shape shifters and a human female with an annoying family and a death wish makes the whole story complete and very fascinating. The attraction between the main-characters is there from the start and is only getting stronger further in the book. The first-person narrative style was not bothering me at all, I believe it adds more dimension in the book, especially because it’s written from Tony’s point of view.

The relationship between the main-characters Tony and Sue got some firework from the moment they have a meeting in Tony’s hotel room, especially when Sue is not afraid of Tony when he is turning into the werewolf during the full moon. And when the two of them are fully bonded, well sparks are flying around. Tony Giodone was raised by the only family he knew, the Mafia. And became the best assassin of his boss Carmine, when someone hires him to kill a woman, the job turned bad. This lady is a werewolf and she attacked him leaving him to die, but the survivor in him wouldn’t give up. Now he is living with the secret that he turns into a wolf every full moon and accepted the lonely life, not knowing one woman could change it all.

Sue Quentin is a woman who is tired of her life and her dominant family. It’s only getting worse when she hit the jackpot and becomes a millionaire. The only way out is to let someone kill her. When the decision is made, she hires Tony Giodone for the job. He’s the best there is, but how could she possibly want to die, when Tony makes her feel more alive than she has been in her entire life. Can Tony kill his target when he finds himself totally in love with her?

Throughout the story you find some interesting secondary characters, Tony’s boss Carmine and his girlfriend Linda are quite interesting to read about. Then you have Barb, the female werewolf who turned Tony into a werewolf and there is Bobby, a good friend of Tony who has a secret of his own. And of course there’s the annoying family of Sue. God, when I read about her family I totally understood her frustration and depression.

What really surprised me in this novel is the way the authors used the animal side. For wolves the sense of smell is really important, so that is a big issue in this book. Tony can sense by the smell, human or shape shifter how they would react to their surroundings.

I read a lot of shape shifters stories, but this book took me by surprise. I expected the normal stuff but getting a whole new world in return, where nothing is quite what it seems. Hunter’s Moon is the first book I’ve read by C.T. Adams & Cathy Clamp and I loved it. This book kept me reading for hours and at the end of the novel you find out that there is more to the world of the shape shifters. Who are the Sazi? What is this group of Wolven agents about? It made me curious to find out what will happen in the next novel and discover what this all means.

This fascinating novel will lure you into a new world full of gorgeous shape shifters and their strong determined mates.


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