zondag 27 januari 2008

C.T. Adams & Cathy Clamp - Captive moon

Sazi member Antoine is the chieftain for the cat shape shifters. He has incredible illusionary skills and a gift to see the future. When Antoine is in Germany, the local police contact him because of the big slaughter of several tigers apparently captured by poachers. It seems Antoine is missing one of his favorite tigers. At the scene Antoine discovers that his cat has been killed, but senses that a female tiger, a shape shifter, has been caught and brought to the police station. He plans to rescue her.

Turkish-American Tahira Kuric, a member of the Hayalet Kabile Ghost Tribe, came to Germany to find her lost brother Rabi. When she was following a lead, she was captured instead, now she has to find a way out of jail before the full moon is over. Help is on the way, she is rescued by Antoine Monier, but she does not trust him because her people teached her from childhood that the Sazi are deceitful and are their enemy. However she has no choice but to accept his help for locating her brother.

Instead of finding the hiding place of Rabi, the two realizes there is more on going on. The same people who kidnapped her brother are now after Tahira, not because she is a cat shifter but because she has a special gift. Tahira is a power well; she can drain power from powerful Alpha Males and females to use that power in battle. But Saragon, a king cobra is after that power for himself and with the help of Rachel Portes, a were-spider they try to catch Tahira. Can Antoine keep Tahira save and free the captured shape shifters?

Captive moon by C.T. Adams & Cathy Clamp is the third novel in the Tales of the Sazi and again a marvellous story full of excitement, danger and love. From the moment the main-character meet each other the attraction is huge, even if it is forbidden between the two races.

Antoine Monier is a big illusionist and performer, with his big cats he travels around the world. When fate took one of his favourite tigers away from him, Antoine is determined to save the captured female in custody not knowing this female will change his life forever. Even when others challenge his leadership, this woman trusts him completely and helps him any way she can. Tahira Kuric is a member of the Hayalet Kabile Ghost Tribe and a powerful shape shifter with special gifts. She is determined to save her brother and to prove her grandfather she is worthy to her species. When she got caught, she could not believe she was meeting the love of her life. Is their love strong enough to save the Sazi member and the member of the Hayalet Kabile Tribe?

In this story you find some strong secondary characters, were-snake council member Ahmed al-Narmer, who challenges Antoine for his leadership and for the affections of Tahira, but turns out to be the best companion in this battle. Saragon, the king cobra who happens to be the father of Ahmed al-Narmer and wants to capture all power to rule the world. Rachel Portes, the were-spider who captured all the tiger shape shifters to find great power in the Alpha Males.

Just like in the previous novels you see that the animal side is a big issue, the sense of smell is again really important. I believe it’s great that you can sense fear, anger and danger just by the smell of it. It is the greatest gift a shape shifter can have. What I really like about this series is the time line, this story continues where the last novel ended, not months or years in between. Again the authors didn’t disappoint me as they lured me into the Sazi world full of danger and excitement. It amazes me that they can hold my attention continuously so that I can finish the novel within hours.

Love and determination, this novel will keep you seated on the sofa for hours surrounded by some great shape shifters.


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