zondag 27 januari 2008

Paula Quinn - Lord of desire

In 1065 King Edward declares that any man who defeats Lord Richard Dumont in battle earn his castle Averloch and title. So when Lord Richard was finally defeated by the Norman Lord Brand Risande, best friend of Duke William of Normandy, everyone at Avarloch is shocked. Duke William of Normandy and King Edward agreed that Lord Brand will marry Lord Richard’s daughter, Lady Bryanna Dumont, to avoid a war.

Lady Bryanna Dumont is furious when she hears about this decision, but will do everything to stay at the castle where she was born and do what’s good for her people, even if it means she has to marry the Norman savage who defeated her father. When the moment is there to meet her future husband Bryanna is in for a surprise when she finds out that Lord Brand is the same man she seen before and who she fell in love with.

When Lord Brand Risande “the passionate” hears about the plan of Duke William of Normandy that he must marry Lady Bryanna, he refuses. Brand was betrayed by his former betrothed and he believes that love is a curse and never wants to marry. But the moment he meets Bryanna she turns his world upside down. Is it possible to trust Bryanna healing his heart and to fall in love again?

Brand’s slow smile scorched her soul. “A woman who can slay mighty men with just her tongue.”
Forcing her smile to remain intact, she stared directly at her husband and delicately licked her lips. “A tongue, when used correctly, my lord, can be quite a deadly weapon.”

Lord Of Desire by Paula Quinn is the first novel in this trilogy. When I heard a few of my friends talking about this author they made me very curious, so of course I had to read this one and OMG what a great surprise it was. From the moment I took this novel in my hands I didn’t wanted to put it down and was very surprised when I was finished a few hours later. Paula Quinn lures me into a world full of betrayal, loyalty and romance.

Bryanna Dumont is a strong determined redhead who knows what she wants in life. From the moment Bryanna sees Brand in the pond when she was visiting her uncle, she dreams about him, not knowing he would show up someday. So when she finally meets her future husband and discovers he is the man of her dreams, she is determined to win his heart. Lord Brand Risande is a strong gorgeous warrior who defeated Bryanna’s father in battle. His reward is huge, not only did he own a castle now, but he has to marry Bryanna too. He has no intention to marry Bryanna but soon enough he finds himself totally in love with his wife. Although Bryanna and Brand are determined to go their own way in this marriage they cannot deny the strong attraction between the two of them. Soon enough they find love in each other’s arms.

Lord Dante Risande and Duke William of Normandy are great secondary characters, especially William won my heart. He is determined to see his friend happy and if that means he has to help Bryanna to win Brand’s heart so be it. And the way he treats Bryanna and makes her laugh really puts a smile on my face. What about Lord Dante the sexy rogue of the family, what will happen to him now that his brother is happily married?

Paula Quinn has written an amazingly medieval story. I can only hope she continues to write like this in the next two novels and lures me into their world again. I know Lord Dante Risande is next and what I read about him….well, let me say…I’m looking forward to his story.


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