maandag 31 december 2007

C.L. Wilson - Lady of light and shadow

Ellysetta Baristani is preparing herself for her wedding to her soul mate Rain, the Tairen Soul,
King of the Fey. But still dark forces are working to stop that from happening. She has still nightmares, where the Shadow man or the High Mage is using dark magic to get her to his side, but with the help of Rain the nightmares slowly disappears. Ellie’s magic continues to grow and she tries desperately to control them, but sometimes the magic is overwhelming and escapes. She can no longer deny her heritage from those who want to use it for their own dark games.

Nobody believes Rain when he warns the mortals that the Eld and Mage-claimed are back. The mortal men dismiss Rain’s caution and in so doing condemn themselves and their family’s.
But then the Eld and Mage-claimed make their moves, not knowing how strong Ellie really is and in their condescending distain put her to the test. Ellie rises above it all and finally comes into her own self, surprising Rain and the Fey warriors.

Lady of Light and Shadows is the second novel by C.L. Wilson in the Tairen Soul series and picks up right where Lord of the fading lands left off. I knew this novel would be great, but it really blow me of my feet when I started the book. From page one I was lured into a world full magic, romance en great characters.

Ellie keep growing stronger and stronger into her magic. She’s equal to her prince in every way possible, like Rain told her so many times before.
Rain continue courting Ellie like he promise her father, but when Dark evil tries to kill Ellie Rain can no longer keep that promise and want to take her away as soon as possible. Rain also tries to teach Ellie to go along with her powers.
The relationship between the two of them is fabulous, just the way the slowly get to know each other and fall in love, is just great.

Of course the second-characters are great as in the previous book. The Fey warriors still protecting Ellie against evil, but help is on the way. The Dark Lord Gaelen tries to kill Ellie believing she is evil, but when Ellie save his dark soul and turn him back into a Fey he swears the blood oath and become one of her private bodyguards, just like Belliard.
What I like in this books, is the hope for the Fey warriors to find their true life mate among the people. I’ll hope they find them in time to save their own soul, like Ellie save Rain.
I only can say this is one of the best novels I read in a long time. I’ll hope C.L. Wilson keep continue writing like this and hopefully surprise me with the third novel in this series.


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