maandag 29 augustus 2011

V.K. Sykes - Hardball

Title : Hardball
Release date : June 14th, 2011
Genre : Contemporary Romance

Holly Bell is a children’s surgeon and just started her new job in the hospital. She knows she shouldn’t get too involved in the private lives of her little patients, but when this little boy becomes her patient she cannot ignore the warming signs. Holly is also not ready of all the attention this gorgeous pitcher is giving her from the moment they meet.

Nate Carter is a star pitcher and has a highly reputation with the ladies. When he meets the new beautiful new children’s surgeon during his monthly visit to the sick children, he cannot get her out of his mind. But is he looking for a good time or is he finally ready for commitment?

Hardball by V.K. Sykes is a great contemporary novel with a fabulous storyline.

When Doctor Holly meets pitcher Nate you can feel the sparks fly, the attraction between them is huge and you know a relationship is not far behind. Both characters are not looking for a long term commitment, Holly wants to focus on her career and Nate’s family history has left him wary of relationships and settling down.

But when Holly’s life is in danger because she wants to protect her young patient, Nate is determined to keep her save.

I love Holly and Nate from the start, they both have their baggage from the past and need to deal with it in their own way. They are forced to think about that and their relationship when Holly’s life is in danger. It was great to see that Nate finally came to his senses and admit his true feelings for Holly.

This book has kept my attention from the start and I couldn’t put it down until I finished it. It was great and I really hope to read more of this writing couple in the near future.


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