dinsdag 23 augustus 2011

Stephanie Chong - Where demons fear to tread

Title : Where Demons Fear to Tread
Series : Company of Angels Trilogy #1
Release date : August 23rd, 2011
Publisher : Mira
Genre : Paranormal Romance

I received this novel as an ARC, courtesy of Net Galley

Serena St. Clair’s death was a sacrifice she made in order to save a family. So she’s send back to Earth as a guardian angel. Her latest assignment is to protect a new celebrity Nick, but his soul has already been luring to the dark side for quite some time now. But Serena is determined to save Nick’s soul, even if that means facing one of the most powerful demons in town, Julian Ascher.

Julian Ascher, an arch demon and owner of several night clubs, where he can corrupt quite some souls at the same time. From the moment he sees Serena in his club, trying to save the soul of Nick, he knows he wants her in his bed and afterwards her soul. But persuading an angel isn’t that easy, so he has to find a way to blackmail her to spend some time with him.

Where Demons Fear to Tread by Stephanie Chong is her debut novel and the first one in the Company of Angels Series. I have to say this is one hell of a debut novel, it had me from the first moment and it was hard to put it down.

Stephanie Chong has created a fabulous balance between good and evil. Main characters Serena and Julian are each other’s opposites, one is collecting souls for his demon lord and the other is trying to save as many as she can. It appears they are equals, both strong and determined to succeed.

Neither of them could have expected the huge attraction between them. Serena knows it’s bad to give into everything Julian wants, because it could cause her falling as an angel. But she sense something good deep down inside him and now she is determined to save two souls at once.

But not everyone is happy with Serena in Julian’s life and they will use all the evil they can combine to separate them or destroy them both.

This book is a good read, it will keep you focus on the storyline and wants you to finish it in one run. I’m already looking forward to the next novel.


Aurian zei

Hmm I will have to try it out!

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