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Lynn LaFleur - Happy Birthday Baby

Title : Happy Birthday, Baby
Release date : July 31th, 2004
Publisher : Ellora’s Cave
Genre : Erotica Romance

The birthday gift
Jake wants to fulfill the ultimate sex fantasy of his wife Amanda, even if that kills him. So when his cousin Patrick is in town and stays for awhile, he just sees the opportunity to give her what she wants.

It’s in the cards
Her sister’s birthday is coming up, so Catherine has to shop for the perfect birthday card. But that is not the only card she’s taking home. She has found a card with her gorgeous dream man on it and without knowing this stranger comes to life if she likes it or not.

One thing to give
To celebrate her 30th birthday, Lindsay has dinner with her best friends and drinks at her favorite bar. When she sees the sexy bartender she knows what she wants for her birthday and takes matters into her own hands.

Linc’s birthday couldn’t get any weirder that this one, during his drive up to his cabin an unusual box appears in front of his truck. In this small box is a little alien that turns into this beautiful woman that will turns his life upside down.

Happy Birthday Baby by Lynn LaFleur was a fabulous read. These four short stories were exactly what I expected them to be; they had amazing characters with extremely high chemistry.

I cannot say which story was my favorite, because they all had their charms to lure me into their story. Normally anthology stories are way too short to tell the whole story, but not this one, each one was just long enough to get the picture and get the connection with the characters. It was definitely worth to read.

If you love short erotica stories with steamy scenes and great characters, then you won’t be disappointed with this book.


Aurian zei

Nice, I might just try this one out.

Lady Caella zei

You will like it...some great short stories

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