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Julie Garwood - Ideal Man (ARC)

Title : Ideal man
Release Date : August 9th, 2011
Publisher : Dutton Adult
Genre : Romantic Suspense

I received this as an ARC Galley, courtesy of NetGalley

Ellie Sullivan is a doctor, a prodigy surgeon. She’s finishing her residency in the trauma center in one of the largest hospital. To get rid of all the tension of the ER stress, she likes to run in the nearby park. During one of those runs she’s a witness of a shooting. Two of the most wanted gun dealers Cal and Erika just shot a FBI agent and got away. Now she’s one of the witnesses to get these criminals behind bars, but that is the last thing Ellie wants to be. She has to stay out of the papers; otherwise her life will be in danger again.

Max Daniels is one of the investigating FBI agents; he and his partner are the one who’re questioning Ellie after the shooting. He discovers some painful happenings in her past and promise to do anything in his power to keep her safe. And being attracted to her has nothing to do with that.

Ideal Man by Julie Garwood is my first contemporary romance suspense novel I’ve read of this author. I already love her historical stuff; they kept me company when I grew up. I have to say that she didn’t disappoint me with this genre either.

Ellie Sullivan has had a rough childhood, being a prodigy she had to grow up fast, meaning she drew some attention from a lunatic who destroyed almost her life. Now she’s a witness in a FBI investigation and those criminals send a hit man after her. Will she be able to attend her sister’s wedding or stay home?

FBI agent Max Daniels has been hunting criminals Cal and Erika for some time now, but the weapon dealers are always one step ahead. Now they shot one of his colleagues and he has to questioning Dr. Ellie Sullivan and hope she saw enough to put them behind bars. He feels the attraction immediately and when he discovers about the hit man and the lunatic of her past, he is determined to keep her safe.

Ellie is a wonderful woman; she is smart, attractive and very good at her job. Growing up away from her family made her very independent from a young age. Her attraction to Max is something she doesn’t know what to do with, she isn’t looking for a long term relationship and the fact that Max live in Honolulu is just good to be true.

Ellie’s family were great, although a little weird because of the things that happened in the past, her father is super protective and her mother doesn’t handle stress very well. I have to say that I thought her sister Ava was annoying, after all that Ellie has been through, she could have been more supportive but no she has to play the drama queen. Ellie’s other sister Annie was fabulous, definitely a sister you want to have.

I really enjoy reading this novel and I cannot wait to see what other books Miss Garwood has in the romantic suspense genre.


Aurian zei

I also have not read a contemporary by Julie Garwood before. I did love her Rose series decades ago.

Lady Caella zei

Well that is exactly why I had to try this one. I have to say she didn't disappoint me, definitely going to try more of her stuff.

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