dinsdag 23 augustus 2011

Deidre Knight - Red Blooded

Title : Red Blooded
Series : Gods of Midnight #3
Release date : May 4th, 2010
Publisher : Penguin Group
Genre : Paranormal romance

Two thousand and five hundred years ago three hundred Spartan warriors sacrificed their lives at Thermopylae. Seven warriors became immortal when they accepted a deal and drank from the River Styx, binding their immortality and their vow to Ares, the God of war.

Former marine Dillon has lost his sight in the last battle for the marine. Not sure what to do with his life, he accepts the offer of his best friend Mason Angel and his brother Jaime. It appears they work as demon hunters and they want Dillon to use his good looks and get as close to vampire to be Kate.

Kate, a vampire to be knows time has come to accept her fate and become a full vampire by taking a mate, but not on the terms of her family. She wants a mate she chooses by herself and when Dillon walks in on her party she knows he’s the one, despite his connection to Mason Angel and his team.

Red Blooded by Deidre Knight is part of her Gods of Midnight series. Although the story is very short, it’s definitely a good one.

What can you say about the characters when it’s this short, you cannot fully know the characters. But Dillon stole my heart from the first page; he is a wounded man but won’t accept his disability stand in his way to live a full life. So when he hears of this demon hunter team, he cannot refuse their offer.

Kate is part of the vampire family in the town where the Angel team hunts. It’s time for Kate to choose a mate and become a powerful vampire, but not on the term of her brothers.

The attraction between Dillon and Kate is huge; you can feel the sparkles coming of the pages when you read the steamy scene between them. I love the fact that Dillon is sent to Kate to stop her and becoming her mate in the end.

I love all Deidre Knight’s work and this in no exception. The short story has everything it needs, two fabulous characters, the intense attraction and the right ending.


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