dinsdag 23 augustus 2011

Gena Showalter - Lord of the Vampires

Title : Lord of the Vampires
Series : Royal House of Shadows #1
Release date : August 30th, 2011
Publisher : Harlequin Nocturne
Genre : Paranormal Romance

I received this novel as an ARC, courtesy of Net Galley

The story begins when a Blood sorcerer kills the king and queen of Magical Elden and has plans to kill their four children next in order to get the throne. But never underestimate the love and strength of parents, their mother had enough strength in her to combine her power and send them away to survive and deal with their enemy later.

Crown prince of Elden, Nicolai was known as the Dark Seducer because he seduced many women without choosing the future queen. When his mother sends him away he ended up on the sex market in Deflina without any memory of his past. During the years in captivity he discover that he is stripped of his magic and his memory, now he is trying to escape his evil captor, the princess of Deflina, the ageless kingdom. The only answer to his prayer is a mortal woman.

Jane Parker’s life has been a living hell after the car accident where she lost her whole family. She’s slowly getting her life back when she finds a strange book on her doorstep. She doesn’t understand her connection to the book, but it will become clear when she’s summoned to Deflina, as a princess in order to save Nicolai. But who is he? What will he do to her when she helps him escape? Because on Earth vampires are not the nicest creatures.

Lord of the Vampires by Gena Showalter is the first novel in the Royal House of Shadows Series, which she is co-writing with Jill Monroe, Jessica Andersen and Nalini Singh.

I’m already a huge fan of Gena Showalter and just love her Lord of the Underworld Series, so I couldn’t resist and had to read this one. Well she didn’t disappoint me; it’s a great storyline with action, some twist, steamy scenes and some similarities with Alice in Wonderland.

Nicolai is a strong vampire, but I have to say he is a little too alpha to me. Don’t get me wrong, I love strong alpha males, but trough the whole book he was saying/growling “mine” and at the end of the book I really want to smack him in the head and yell “I know”. But his evil plan to lure mortal Jane to the magical world was great.

I liked Jane, she’s a fighter; first her recovery from the car accident and later for her love for Nicolai. She will do anything to set him free from his captors and try to get him back to his world and save his beloved Elden.

I’m definitely looking forward to read about the other three siblings Breena, Micah and Dayn written by the other three authors and hope they reunite at the end.


Aurian zei

Nope, even though Nalini Singh writes a book in this series, I think I'll be skipping it. My friend Freya just bought them all, so perhaps she can persuade me, but I think not.

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