maandag 14 februari 2011

Jennifer Armintrout - Queene of Light

When the humans managed to banished all Otherworlders back to the underground, the groups were divided into two worlds; Light and Dark. Faeries, dwarves and dragons are living in the Lightworld, while angels, demons, werewolves and other creatures are living in the Darkworld. But there is a neutral territory between the two worlds, call the Strip.

Ayla grew up in the Strip, but was accepted into the Assassins Guild in the Lightworld. On her last mission, she runs into a Death Angel who turns mortal after he touches her human flesh. Ayla know she has to kill him, but decides to leave him behind to die. But this Death Angel Malachi doesn’t die and wants revenge.

Garret is Ayla’s mentor at the Guild and also brother to the Queen Mabb and he is asking her to be his mate. She know this is a good match, especially consider her background (half human- half faerie), but she cannot seem to get this Death Angel out of her mind. She knows it’s forbidden to have a relationship with any kind of Darkling, but despite that Malachi wants his revenge, they both are attracted to each other. When a war breaks out, Malachi cannot leave her to face her enemies alone.

Which relationship will Ayla choose; the Darkling Malachi or her mentor Garret?

Queene of Light by Jennifer Armintrout is the first novel in the Lightworld / Darkworld Trilogy.

I’ve finally read the book and it was definitely a easy read because I’ve finished it in one afternoon…not bad if I say so myself. You have to figure out the difference between the two world, but when you understand that, it was easy. It was a little confusing to see two male characters Garret & Malachi trying to win Ayla for their own and not be able to see which one would eventually be the one for her. At first I couldn’t decide which one was better for her, but when you getting into the story better and discovers what Garret is up too, then you want to smack him in the head and scream out loud.

I couldn’t believe my eyes apart the part where Garret took her to Sanctuary and mate with her and she simply goes along with it. Even though she is not sure she cares about him and she is thinking of someone else when it happens. I have to agree with Xavia with the sex part in the book…it was simple and definitely PG-13 for my taste.

To see the love grow between Ayla and Malachi, when they both never experience that emotion before was great. Although I really wanted to smack Ayla at the end when you gave up on Malachi and not wanting to fight for love. But of course I could say that of Malachi too, he was mad when she send him away, but he didn’t fight either. I think this is a good example where you can see that love is a new emotion for both of them.

I’m definitely curious to see how this story will continue in the following books.


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