maandag 14 februari 2011

Angie Daniels - The Player's Proposal

Danica Dansforth and Jaden Beaumont had something special going on, until Danica overheard Jaden talking on the phone to one of his brothers about a bet. She couldn’t believe what she was hearing and felt betrayed. So she decided to leave, she let Jaden believe it was fun, but time to move on. Jaden couldn’t believe it, they were great together and then out of nowhere she was leaving him and told him she was engaged to get married.

Now 18 months later they meet again, Danica car broke down and was taken to the only garage in town, what happens to be Jaden’s garage. Jaden is still angry that she left him for another man, but cannot ignore the attraction he still has for her. So he comes up with a plan to have Danica around the garage, so he can fix her expensive car. It appears she cannot pay for the whole repair, so in exchange she has to work for him as his receptionist until he finds a replacement.

The player’s proposal by Angie Daniels is a pleasant book to read on a Sunday afternoon or in the evening after a hard day of work. It’s entertaining, funny and full of great characters.

Danica left Jaden after she overheard him about a bet, assuming it was about her, so she left without looking back or even given him the real reason. The only thing she tells Jaden that is was fun, but she had to get back to her fiancĂ©…an imaginary one, but he doesn’t know that. Jaden is hurt, but will have his little revenge when she’s back in his life 18 months later.

They both notice that the attraction between them is still there. Jaden has the opportunity now to finally discover why Danica left him all those months ago, by offering her a temporally job at his garage while he fix her car. In the meantime Danica is working very hard to get her store ready for the opening.

I love the attraction between the two characters, but I have to say I wanted to smack Danica sometimes for her stubbornness. Why the hell didn’t she confront him about the bet in the first place, just to make sure it was really about her and not someone else. Thank goodness Jaden is determined to not let her go the second time.


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