maandag 7 februari 2011

Heather Graham - The Keepers

New Orleans is the home of many supernatural beings and in order to keep the peace, there are keepers. One for each species, it’s an elite group of warriors charged to keep the peace between human and the three largest supernatural species, vampires, shape-shifters and the werewolves.

Fiona McDonald is the keeper of the vampires and takes her job seriously. Fiona and her two sisters are new to their legacy, but they are determined to keep the peace in New Orleans, not matter what happens.

Now someone or somewhat is destroying the power balance in New Orleans. Dead bodies are beginning to turn up, totally drained of blood, so everyone is pointing their fingers to the vampire society, which is totally normal. But are they truly the killers or is someone setting them up?

Detective Jagger DeFarge, a vampire himself is assigned to the case. He and Fiona must work together in order to catch this killer, before a war between the species will begin. Fiona knows she has to trust Jagger, but finds it hard to do that. It goes against all she’s been taught and vampires are one of the species that killed her parents, the keepers before them.

The Keepers by Heather Graham is the first book in The Keepers Trilogy and I have to say it’s one fabulous book. The story is full of plots, danger and sexual attraction, that will keep the reader fully entertained.

Fiona and her sisters Caitlin and Shauna inherited the Keepers job when their parents died in the last species war. But the sisters are a little different from their parents, whom had all three of the powers in them. The sisters inherited just one power; so they become the keeper of just one group, in Fiona’s case the vampire. When the bodies of drained humans turning up, it’s her job to keep the peace and working with vampire detective Jagger DeFarge will be difficult because she knows it cannot work. The sisters are still upset about losing their parents, but Fiona cannot ignore her attraction towards Jagger.

When the killer sets his eyes on Fiona, she knows the only one who can save her is Jagger, the man she became to love.

I love the struggle between Fiona and Jagger, they both feel the attraction but knows that their relationship cannot work. But we all know that fate has a mind of its own. The relationship between the three sisters is strong; all three have a different personality and power that only makes them stronger. I’m really looking forward to see what the authors have in store for the remaining sisters.


Aurian zei

O wow, I am getting a Charmed vibe here! It's been a while since I read a Graham, time to pick it up...

Lady Caella zei

Oh, you definitely should read this one...and the other two in this series too. It's fabulous...Graham is one of the three authors in this Trilogy. I will be posting my other 2 revies of the sisters soon.

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