maandag 14 februari 2011

Maya Banks - Sweet Temptation

Micah Hudson has lost his wife and best friend in a car accident. So he left Miami and their memories behind and moves to another city and start over. But Micah has special needs, so his membership to the exotic sex club gives him the opportunity to explore those needs, without falling in love again. Then one night he notice a beautiful woman in the club, receiving pleasure in a way Micah wants to give. But the moment the woman turns around and sets her eyes on him, he is in total shock…it’s his late best friend’s sister Angelina.

Angelina Moyano’s left alone after her brother died in a tragic car accident. She understands that Micah left her behind too, in order to forget his pain. She grew up with Micah, her brother David and their shared lover Hannah, but now she’s alone. She knows Micah comes back once a year to mourn his loved ones and she has the feeling that this year she will see the last of him. So it’s time to find out if Micah has feelings for her or not, so she leaves Miami too and follows him, so she can prove to him how much he means to her.

Sweet Temptation by Maya Banks is the fourth novel in the Sweet Series and just like the previous one, a very steamy novel.

Micah has been one of my favourite characters from the first novel and I was very curious to read about his past and why he joined the exotic club, what his sexual desires were…well I definitely know now….he has some wicked sexual fantasies and I have to say Angelina is just the woman for him. She already knows everything about his past and the way he shared his wife Hannah with his best friend Davis. Angelina has a strong personality, she leaves everything behind to follow the man she loves, and not really knowing she will put them both in danger by doing that.

It seems when Micah and Angelina finally found a way to give their relationship a change; a stalker makes his presence know. This man won’t stop to have her for himself, even if that means getting rid of Micah once and for all.

I only can say that this is one hell of a steamy, but also an emotional novel. You will be taken on a roller coaster, but the ride will be worth it. Micah turns out to be the man I thought he would be.


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