donderdag 8 april 2010

Stephanie Tyler - Beyond his control

Justin Brant, a highly trained Navy Seal gets a call from his friend Leo Turkowski with a request. Leo is working undercover to get more information to put the O’Rourke’s behind bars. But somehow his younger sister Ava is involved in this case and Justin has to get her out of town fast. Justin cannot refuse this request and is heading to Ava, even though their history together.

Ava Turkowski is working on an abusive case of Susan Mercer, who seems to be connected to the O’Rourke’s family. Ava has been treated before, but not like this. So when she receives some photographs of her and the people around her, she knows that she has to leave town. And when Justin appears on her doorstep not long after getting those pictures, she knows she’s in big trouble.

Justin takes Ava to a safe house only his Navy Seal members knows about and hopes he Leo will contact them soon with more information. But it seems the DEA has a traitor in their midst and Leo is caught and beaten to death. Can he escape the O’Rourke’s and save his little sister or should he let Justin do that job?

Beyond his control by Stephanie Tyler is the last novel in her first Navy Seal trilogy. Just like the previous books, it’s easy to read, full of danger and a fabulous hero and heroine. What else can you ask for?

Justin and Ava know each other for quite some years now and were even involved, but that ended abruptly when Justin married someone else. Ava was heartbroken, but determined to survive this. So she made a career as a lawyer, but she could never forget the love of her life. Now he is back and determined to keep her safe.
Justin knows his favor to his friend Leo will be hard, how can he be around Ava after what he done to her in the past. Should he tell her the truth or keep her in the dark. The one thing he cannot ignore is his feelings for her, growing inside getting stronger and stronger.

This is the last book in Tyler’s first series and it was definitely worth to read. Those handsome Navy Seal will sweep you off your feet the moment you met them.


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