vrijdag 23 april 2010

Lora Leigh - Marly's choice

Marly was left by her mother at the August ranch when she was twelve, because her mother knew she would be save there from her step-dad. So she grew up with Cade, Sam and Brock. Now Marly has returned home for the funeral of grandfather Jack, but she has other things on her mind. Marly has loved Cade from the moment she saw him, when he and his two brothers took her in as their cousin. She is determined to seduce him and accept him as he is, even with his strange sexual desires.

Cade’s past has been tough, one he shares with his brothers Sam and Brock. His feelings for Marly have been there for years, but they aren’t brotherly or in the way cousins share love. He knows that Marly will never accept him with his past and definitely not his sexual desires. So the right thing for him to do is stay, as far away from Marly as he can and hope she will return back to the city as soon as possible.

But then a treat from Marly’s past begins to stalk her and Cade will do everything in his power to keep her save.

Marly’s choice by Lora Leigh is the first novel in her Men of August series and I have to say I like it. She created a perfect couple with high sexual attraction between them. I found myself turning page after page to see what Marly’s choice would be.

Marly is a young woman, who is also very determined and stubborn. She made up her mind to have Cade and nothing will keep her from him, not even his tormented past or his strange sexual desires. Okay, she couldn’t even imagine what she had to do to completely win his trust, but she did it.

Cade is strong man with a tormented past and strange sexual desire; he sometimes shares with his own brothers. His feelings for Marly are getting stronger and stronger, but he knows he cannot force her into in thought life. But he couldn’t imagine that after all this time his wish will come true.

Cade’s attempt to keep Marly as far away from him as possible and Marly’s determination to have him, made this story so steamy and explosive. I truly enjoy reading their story and I cannot wait to see what Lora Leigh has in store for brother number 2 and that will be Brock.


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