vrijdag 23 april 2010

Lynn Viehl - Stay the night

Robin of Locksley is one of the Darkyn kind and has been stealing from the rich for centuries. His Darkyn powers will help him with these cases, but it also leads the FBI on his tail, especially when they think he is involved with the disappearing of priceless art work.

Chris Renshaw is a special agent for the FBI and she’s lead the operation to find this “Magician” who steals all those art works. So she goes undercover as an art dealer and decides to use “The Maiden’s book”, an ancient manuscript as bait.

Robin wants that manuscript for as long as he can remember, but it appears he is not the only one. There is someone else that wants this book as badly as Robin wants it and that person won’t stop for nothing. So when the book is stolen, Chris and Robin has to work together to get the manuscript back.

Stay the Night by Lynn Viehl is the seventh and final book in the Darkyn series and one I was really looking forward too. I was curious to see what she had in store for Robin of Locksley.

As in the previous books this one has multiple points of views, you’re not only see Robin and Chris relationship grow, but we also see another couple who returns in every book, Alex and Michael Cyprian. I love to read about those two and see their relationship grow through all the books.

The relationship between Robin and Chris has his ups and downs, because on one side we have the master thief who has the need to help the poor and steal from the rich and on the other side we have the determined federal agent, who won’t stop till she caught the thief. Chris also blames “The Magician” for the death of her partner and doesn’t like his way to charm people around him to give him exactly what he wants. But we know love conquers all and they find a way to accept their fate.

The only downside of this novel was the too many shifts and I found myself irritated when she shifted to another couple or settings when you really wanted to continue reading the current view. But that doesn’t mean I didn’t like the book, in fact I liked it. The ending was great and we know for a fact that there will be a spin-off, so we can learn more about all those others.

Stay the Night is great to read and I know for sure Lynn Viehl did a great job ending this series the ways she did.


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