donderdag 8 april 2010

Stephanie Tyler - Risking it all

Rina Calhoun has one dream; she wants to step into the footsteps of her beloved uncle, who was a film journalist. She’s working on a grant, so she can go to Africa and finish what her uncle started. Now she has to impress her boss with her X-treme documentary, so when she’s editing the water sport film with extreme surfer Cash, she knows she hit the jackpot. The only down part is that one of her crew forgot to get the film release paper signed, so Rina is determined to find Cash to sign that paper.

Navy Seal John “Cash” Cashman is working undercover as a surfer to get the big guys in a drug deal. So when this journalist Rina wants him to sign the release papers for the X-treme film, Cash has to refuse so he won’t blow his cover. But he wouldn’t mind spending a night with this beautiful journalist and maybe get the original tape of his surfing.

Rina’s chances for the grant are ruined, so she needs to come up with another film idea. So she turns to her uncle who’s an admiral at the Navy Seal, in order to get approval to film a documentary about these Navy Seals. It turns out Cash and Rina will meet each other again, and Cash knows he cannot ruin her film twice.

Risking it all by Stephanie Tyler is another fabulous novel. We already met Cash team member Hunt in an early novel and I was curious about Cash. Well I wasn’t disappointed; Cash turns out to be the hero you expect him to be.

Cash and Rina meet each other when he is working undercover to catch a major drug dealer. He cannot let Rina use that X-treme tape, where they were filming him surfing. Now weeks later they meet again, when she appears on the military base where Cash is stationed. Her uncle is his boss and gave the approval for a Navy Seal documentary and Cash’s team is the one she’s working with.

The attraction between Cash and Rina was there from the beginning and grows more every minute they spend time together. But Cash don’t want to let the admiral know about his relationship with his niece. But that is not all, he has to keep her safe from a danger she doesn’t even know she’s in.

With Cash as a surfing Navy Seal and Rina as the film journalist, Stephanie Tyler created a fabulous couple. I cannot wait to read more about Justin Brand, who will be next.


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