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Jean Johnson - The master

The Third of Sons shall meet his match:
Strong of will and strong of mind
You seek she who is your kindSet your trap and be your fate
When Lady is the Master’s mate

After the first two verse of the Prophecy are resolved, the third verse begins...

First born of the second set of twins Dominar was kidnapped by those who wanted to take over Nightfall Island. They tricked Dominar on their ship and took him away from his family and his home. But a new situation arises, the ship was captive by slavers and Dominar was prepared for the slave market, being sold to a lovely mage who promises him his freedom so Dominar can return to his homeland to be with his brothers.

Lady Serina has a mission in her life. She is study the mating ritual for quite some time now and wants to do everything to make that ritual happen. But she needs another powerful mage to re-enact the mating ritual to help reverse a Tanric spell, just like the couple centuries ago. Luck is on her side when she finds Dominar on the slave market and discovers he is quite powerful. She promises him his freedom but want his help in return.

Dominar agrees to help her but doesn’t suspect the big secret Lady Serina is holding back from him because there is more to the mating ritual then she admits. Can Dominar convince Serina that she is the Lady his prophecy is talking about or will they go their separate ways after the ritual is completed?

The third novel in Jean Johnson series “Sons of Destiny” is absolute fabulous. I don’t have any words to describe this series. I was totally enthralled with the first two novels but this one really swept me off my feet. From the beginning the story lures you in a world full of magic, romance and strong characters.

Dominar is the first born of the second set of twins. And it is his time to fulfil his part of the prophecy.
He was tricked and kidnapped by the men who wanted to take over their Island, not knowing what happened with the rest of his brothers, he is determined to get his freedom and return. When he meets Serina returning home is suddenly not his first priority anymore. Can he convince her of his true love and take her home to his family. Lady Serina left home after she finds out her younger sister is the prophet one of their people, to find her own path in life she takes the guardian position with the nuns. There she lives with her friend the healer Mariel and Mariel’s son Mikor, finding the right ritual terms, all she has to do is find a powerful mage to fulfil the ritual with.

From the moment the main characters Domineer and Serina meet each other, the chemistry between them is intense. I think Jean Johnson found the right man in Dominar to fulfil Serina’s ritual, the way the two matches mentally and sexually is absolutely great. What I really like about Dominar is his determination, when he finds out what happened with his twin Eveanor he wants to return home as soon as possible and help him in every way he can though the promise he made to Serina for the ritual is his first priority. I can only say that this is an entertaining story with a whole lot more information about the prophecy that comes to the surface, teasing the curiosity even further.
What will Rydan’s place be in this future prophecy? Will everything fall into place for Eveanor? I cannot wait to the next novel and find that out for myself.

Jean Johnson is definitely one of the best fantasy authors of this moment. This series has all the ingredients for a fantasy story, magic, eight gorgeous males and strong determined women to guide them.

Humor and romance, this is a novel that lures you into a great fantasy world.


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