maandag 31 december 2007

Lara Adrian - Kiss of midnight

Thousands years ago some alien race, the Breed vampires settle themselves on earth among the human race. Nobody knows they exist but now the Breed are in the middle of a civil war with the Rogues, which are vampires who have given over their minds and bodies to the bloodlust.
An army full of Rogues wants to dominate the world but find the Breed warriors standing in their way ready to destroy them.
Lucan Thorne is the leader of the Breed, a Gen One vampire, whose father was one of the original Ancients who landed on earth. Lucan has spent his whole nine hundred years battling the Rogues, but his has a secret. His body is constantly asking him to give over to the bloodlust that turns them into the Rogues.

Gabrielle Maxwell is a professional photographer with no memory of her birth mother. Gabrielle was found as an infant, abandoned in a box, while her teenage mother was walking the street in a hysterical state after a Rogues vampire bite. Gabrielle always believed her mother was insane, but one night she witnesses a violent Rogue group feeding on a human male. Gabrielle doesn’t hesitate for a moment and take pictures with her telephone and runs like hell. The police don’t believe her story, especially when they don’t find a body. But then Lucan appears on her doorstep and takes possession of her phone and the pictures.

Gabrielle and Lucan didn’t count on the strong attraction between them. And when Lucan discover that Gabrielle bears the mark of a Breed mate, a human female who is destined to be mated to a male vampire, he knows he has to stay away from her. Lucan has no intention to claim any Breed mate for his own; because he fears he will end up just like his father, killing his mate in a rage of the bloodlust.
But when the Rogues finds out who Gabrielle is and come after her, Lucan must tell Gabrielle everything about their race and protect her.

Kiss of Midnight is the first novel in the Breed series and I can tell you it is a promising one. The first scene in the novel sets the perfect tone for the rest of it. Lara Adrian has created a great, dark and powerful world that will keep your attention to the book from the first page.

The main characters Lucan and Gabrielle are both strong and they’re for great for each other.
Lucan Thorne, the leader of the Breed, who lives for over nine hundred years fighting their enemy with all the strength and power his has. But now he finds himself on the edge of his bloodlust, not knowing when it will hit and take him over to the other side. The moment he meets Gabrielle he is drawn to her and wants to give in to the emotions and needs. But finding out she is a Breed mate hit him like fire. Can he take the change of binding himself to a mate and hope she can save him from sanity?
Gabrielle Maxwell is a photographer and witnesses a brutal murder of a human by a group of Rogues vampires. She is not believing her eyes, but when the police don’t believe her and when some big dark gorgeous warriors appears on her doorstep she knows her life won’t be the same anymore.
She accepts very quickly that vampires are for real, but she is never afraid of Lucan.

A big fan of vampire stories like myself, I think the Breed series is one of the great ones I ever read.
The story contains all the ingredient for a great vampire story…a strong hero and heroine, some badass enemies and gorgeous warriors who will fight for the better good.
And the end of the book I though…..were can I get one of these Breed warrior….I don’t mind to be a Breed mate to one of them, especially Tegan….he stole my heart with his bad-ass attitude. But the other are great too…Gideon, Niko, Dante and Rio.
I don’t have to tell you…I cannot wait to read the next novel and see what happens to Dante.

Lara Adrian will defiantly stay on my bookshelves and deserve a place between my favourite authors.


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