maandag 31 december 2007

Kresley Cole - A hunger like no other

Lachlain MacRieve, leader of the Lykae clan has been tortured by the vampire horde for centuries, losing his sanity bit by bit and turning into an uncontrollable animal.
There is only one person who can really save his soul and that is his mate. Still in captivity he smells her scent one day and knows she is nearby knowing that, he finds the strength to escape. But when he finally finds her he is shocked and disgusted, his mate is not lykae like himself, but half vampire like his enemy. Despite his rage, his only thought is to get her save back to his Scottish castle before the next full moon.

Emmaline Troy is an outsider among her people. She is half vampire and half valkyrie. When her mother died giving birth to her, one of her aunt took her in and raises her like one of her own. But her foster mom is shocked when Emma decides to travel to France alone to find out the truth about her vampire father.
Now living in France she is attacked by a gorgeous strong man who scares the hell out of her. The only way he will release her is to help him get back to his castle in Scotland, not knowing he won’t let her go.

In Scotland they find out that life doesn’t always go according to plan. Will Lachlan be able to keep Emma save and with him or will her vampire family take away the one person he needs to survive?

A hunger like no other is the first novel in the Immortals after dark series by Kresley Cole. Well this book is full of gorgeous werewolves, blood thirsting vampires and Valkyrie fays to keep your attention from page one.

Lachlan MacRieve is a strong lykae werewolf who’s looking for his mate for several years. Capture by his enemy and tortured for centuries he looses his sanity bit by bit, but when he smell his mate, nothing can stop him for finding her.
Emmaline Troy is a strong woman, half vampire and half valkyrie. She is raised by her aunt in her protected coven, but Emma believes it is time to leave and find her father. But when she meets the gorgeous but dangerous Lachlan her world turns upside down.

What really got my attention through this novel was the tremendous patient Lachlan has with Emma. After being tortured like he was you would say he looses his mind when he finally meets his mate, but no…..he is still strong enough to keep his distance and try to find a way to let Emma get used to him and his race.
And Emma’s humour and determination to leave Lachlan behind and find her way back to her family is also a great deal in this novel. The two of them really belong together, while one is strong and determined to bind them together; the other is funny and adorable in her own way trying hard to find a way to escape. I really liked the battle they played and the final outcome

If you like vampires, werewolves and life mates, this is defiantly the novel for you. It has all the ingredients to fill a great story.
Kresley Cole really surprised met with this first novel and I cannot wait to see what the next story has in store for me.


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