maandag 31 december 2007

Christine Feehan - Dark Demon

After the death of her twin-brother, Natalya Shonski is on the run. Part Carpathian, part human and part mage, she’s one of the few Dragon seekers and have some powers of her own she can use to fight vampires and other evil.

Virkirnoff Von Schrieder is one of the Carpathian males, close to the edge of losing himself to the lure of becoming a vampire, the very species he’s hunted and killed for thousands of years. Virkirnoff is chasing Natalya for quite some time now and is determined to complete is task before seeing the daylight. But when he gets near her enough, his world changes, he begins to see in colours again and feels real emotions. The exact things he’s been denied for years. That can only mean one thing, Natalya is his life mate and he won’t let her get away this time.

But Natalya is not giving up her life and calling for him, she’s a hunter too long to change her ways now. However, in spite of her rage she knows she cannot allow Virkirnoff to die by the wounds he received while fighting at her side. The more she gets to know him, the more she likes him and soon she discovers that he is her life mate.

During their journey they discover that Natalya’s grandfather, the most powerful evil mage, is not dead and is determined to get to Natalya. He wants to use her powers to find a book of secrets, hidden to everyone. Natalya and Virkirnoff must work together to find the book and keep it safe until it can be destroyed, so every human and Carpathian would be safe.

“Dark Demon” is another great novel in the Dark series by Christine Feehan. From the first page I knew I was lost in the Carpathian world full of great personalities and new characters.
In this book you see more of the dragon seekers clan and finds out that it is a great addition to the storyline.

Both Natalya and Virkirnoff are strong personalities and have gifts and powers of their own, but together they are great. The moment they meet they are connected with each other. And the more Natalya is fighting to keep her freedom, the more Virkirnoff would prove to her she belongs with him.
And when they fight side-by-side Natalya realizes that Virkirnoff is the love of her life and makes her complete.

What I really like about this novel is to see some old characters from the previous novels again, like Mikhail, Raven, Falcon, Sara and not to mention Dominic, Manolito, and in the end Gregori and Jacques. The way those hunters will do anything to keep their prince and women save and fight together against great evil and master vampires, it warms my heart. And as the story goes further, you find out that Mikhail is the right man for the job, the prince of the Carpathian to protect his people in return with power nobody knew he had.
And I like the fact that the Dragon seekers are added to the story, it gives something extra, hopefully we discover more about them in the future books.


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