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Pamela Palmer - Rapture Untamed

Title : Rapture Untamed
Series : Feral Warriors #4
Release date : June 29th, 2010
Publisher : Avon Publisher
Genre : Paranormal Romance

Olivia was the only survivor of an attack from the draden when she was young. It appears she’s now draden kissed, which means she now possess the deadly ability to drain the dradens but also humans and other creatures. She knows she must keep this hidden from her own people, but especially from the Feral Warriors. Now she is a member of the Therian Guard for more than three hundred years and has been send to aid the Feral Warriors in their battle against Satanan and his army.

Jag is one of the Feral Warriors and is known as the pain the butt warrior. He doesn’t really care what the other warriors think of him and it toying them in every way. So when the first time he meets Olivia, he treats her the same way he treats all the women around him, but Olivia fights back. No matter what, Jag knows he wants her and will do anything to have her, if she likes it or no. So when fate put them together on this assignment, he has her right where he wants her.

Rapture Untamed by Pamela Palmer is the fourth novel in her Feral Warriors Series and my all time favourite. I loved Jag from the first book and couldn’t wait to read his own story. I knew there was a reason for his behaviour and that the right woman would turn him around.

The moment Jag and Olivia meet in the Feral Warrior’s compound, he makes it very clear that he wants her and will do anything to make that happen. Even though Olivia is attracted to Jag, she knows she has to keep her distance in order to save herself. When Jag discovers Olivia’s secret he use that against her at first, but in the end it is Jag who defends her and save her from the danger she is in.

I love Jag; he is the bad guy in the group but has his heart in the right place. When some outsider offends housekeeper Pink, he is the one who stands up for her. Something you won’t expect from him when you read this novel.

I also loved that even the books are more the story between the heroine and hero, you’ll see all the warriors working together to fight the evil in the world. Even though Jag is my favourite shifter, it’s great to see the others grow into the role they need to play in this battle.

This book is well written and had me from the first page and I couldn’t let it go, so I finished it in one afternoon. To me this is definitely the best in the series so far.


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