dinsdag 29 november 2011

Maya Banks & Shayla Black - Four Play

Title : Four Play
Release date : October 5th, 2010
Publisher : Berkley
Genre : Contemporary Erotica Romance

Pillow Talk by Maya Banks
Chase and Zoe are a couple that know each other through and through and they tell each other their secret sexual fantasies. So when Chase’s birthday is coming up, Zoe wants to give him one of this fantasies, but she needs help and turns to their two housemates and friend Brody and Tate. Being the man he is Chase wants to fulfil one of Zoe’s fantasies too and Brody and Tate are just the right men to get involve.

Neither Chase nor Zoe could have imagined the outcome when they started these fantasies, it seems Brody and Tate both feels more then friendship for Zoe. Will this destroy their friendship or Chase relationship with Zoe?

Pillow Talk by Maya Banks was hot, I’ve read some of her books before so I knew what to expect, but damn she wrote one hell of an erotica story. She created a realistic storyline, where the reader will be drawn into the moment they start.

Chase and Zoe are a great couple; they love each other so much that they want to try to fulfil some of their fantasies. But it requires more men, so they invite their two best friends into their sexual fantasies.

I can relate to fulfilling your fantasies, but when you want to make it a permanent one at the end, that is the thing I have a little trouble with. This sexual relationship between three men and one woman can cause jealousy and I wonder if that is worth putting you relationship on the line with your boyfriend. I do love the story and found it very entertaining.

Her Fantasy Men by Shayla Black
Kelsey has three men in her life and she loves them all, her best friend Tucker, her neighbour Rhys and her boss Jeremy. She would love to have a relationship, but because she cannot choose between them, she keeps her love a secret and act normal around them. But when she gives in and spend one night with Rhys, the other two aren’t far behind.

Neither of the men are willing to step down and let Kelsey be happy with one of them, so she has to make a decision they all are happy with, but it won’t be without any struggles.

Her Fantasy Men by Shayla Black was one hell of an erotica story. I found myself drawn into their emotions and decisions from the start.

Tucker, Jeremy and Rhys are three different men and for some reason I can understand Kelsey’s attractions towards them, but as individuals not all three together.

Almost from the beginning I found myself drawn to Tucker and really wanted Kelsey to choose one of them and of course my heart was cheering for Tucker. But we all know that authors has a mind of their own and we cannot have a say in this, so she created a situation that all four of the character would be happy with.

I really enjoyed reading this and at the end I found myself at peace with the choice Kelsey made, even though I would have done something different.


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