dinsdag 22 november 2011

Marie Kenward - Dark Promises

Title : Dark Promises
Series : MacCumail Bloodlines #1
Release date : June 3rd, 2010
Publisher : The Wild Rose Press
Genre : Paranormal Romance

Alexi Dugas has been a vampire for more than three hundred years. His turning was not something he chose, but it has helped him to get his vengeance for the death of his wife and daughter. For more than two centuries, he fought side by side with his sire Rafael, and did a lot of things he isn’t proud off. He escaped his sire and has built a life for himself; he seeks the acceptance of the MacCumail Clan, but his request has been denied again because of his past.

Sarah Hennessy is attacked by two huge men and is rescued by this mysterious man, Alexi Dugas. For some reason he’s familiar to her, but she cannot figure out why. In order to stay alive she has to go with him and trust that he can keep her safe. During her stay in his home, she slowly remembers her life with him, but Sarah cannot figure out if they are dreams of true memories.

Alexi’s sire, Rafael, wants the disk with the encryption of a formula that will allow vampires to be in daylight without dying and it appears Sarah has it somewhere in her possession. Can Alexi keep Sarah safe and away from his sire? Will Sarah completely remember their life together from so many centuries ago?

Dark Promises by Marie Kenward is the first novel in the MacCumail Bloodlines Series and a fabulous novel. This novel really demanded my attention all the way through-this is just one of those stories you cannot put down and I had to read in one sitting !

Alexi Dugas is a hard man, living his life as well as he can. The more you read about his past and what he went through while living with his sire, you totally understand the man he is now. He had to make a lot of sacrifices in his life and it broke my heart to see his struggle to stay on the good side. Alexi believes he is the monster everyone assumes he is, but nothing is as it seems.

Sarah is a strong woman and very determined to go after what she wants. When she slowly remembers their shared life together, she’ll do anything to convince Alexi he is still that man. She faces all the danger Alexi’s world shows her and fights her way through it as best as a human female can do.

The bond between the MacCumail brothers is great and the betrayal of Rafael to his own sire is great; it really makes me curious to see how this will continue, because one thing is sure…it’s not over yet.

Marie Kenward has written one hell of a novel and I recommend this book to the entire vampire lovers out there, you won’t be disappointed.


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