dinsdag 1 november 2011

Christine Cody - Bloodlands

Title : Bloodlands
Series : Bloodlands #1
Release date : July 26th, 2011
Publisher : Ace
Genre : Urban Fantasy

Gabriel is a vampire and has been looking for his lost love Abby. The trail leads him to a small community in the Badlands. He knows that he has to keep his vampire nature hidden from them in order to keep himself save. He is hunted by a group, who hunts everything supernatural and he cannot endanger his newfound friends.

Mariah is the woman who takes him in after he’s attacked by Stamp, the local bad guy. She knows it will be bad to let this stranger into her home and their small community. Especially after what happened to her family, but her dog seems to trust him completely. Now let’s hope that this stranger will be on this way before he discovers her secret.

Bloodlands by Christine Cody is the first novel in her Bloodlands Trilogy and I have to say that the storyline was interesting. The world building was fabulous and the characters intriguing. I never expected the twist in this book.

Badlands is an area where dark creatures and human who are different find their hiding place and where everyone is accepted. The heat is unbearable during the day, so you can only come out at night or with a special uniform.

Gabriel and Mariah are both strong characters and both has something to hide. Mariah seems to discover Gabriel being a vampire soon enough, but holds this a secret from the rest of the group. She needs him around, because his ability to calm her is very good to smooth the best growing inside her. But will Gabriel be able to forgive her when he learns the truth about Mariah heritage and what happened to Abby.

To make matters worse someone or something has been killing some of the hunters, Stamp’s men and he is determined to get the killer. All eyes are on Gabriel, but the outcome is more surprising.

This novel is really surprise me, it’s well written and has some darkness in it. I was really surprise to discover some of the outcome and now I’m curious to see what will happen next. The end was good and a little sad, but it could go any way.


Aurian zei

Hmm this one is not tempting me at all.

Lady Caella zei

Christine Cody aka Chris Marie Green is a great author, but I have to be honest...you like her writing or not.

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