vrijdag 6 augustus 2010

Jessica Bird - From the first

Alex Moorehouse almost lost his leg in a sailing accident, but that is nothing comparing to some others on his team. He lost his best friend because of it. Now Alex is recovering from several leg operations and is staying at the family Bed & Breakfast. But Alex doesn’t really care about his sisters’ feelings; he’s just staying in his room feeling sorry for himself and only drinks alcohol and taking his pain medications. There is a lot of guilt inside of him, for not saving his best friend and especially because Alex had fallen in love with his best friend’s wife Cassie from the beginning.

Cassie is now a wealthy widow with her own company and she knew all along that her husband was cheating on her when he was away with his sailing team. Of course Cassie is sad about his death, but already knew her marriage was over. She needs to move on, so she accepts the Moorehouse sister’s offer to renovate the family Bed & Breakfast. When she’s over there it will give her the opportunity to visit Alex. She always felt attractive to Alex, but because she was married and he always avoided her, she thought he didn’t like her.

From the first by Jessica Bird is the third novel in the Moorehouse Legacy Series and just like the other two books it was easy to read.

I have to be honest, I didn’t really like Alex Moorehouse in the beginning, and you could say I believe he was a selfish bastard. Alex left his family years ago, in the time his two sisters and grandmother needed him the most. After his parents died Alex left as quickly as possible, knowing his sisters would take the burden to run the family Bed & Breakfast. Now he’s back injured and is putting another burden on their shoulders, his recovering. The only thing he can think off is his secret love for his best friend’s widow, not about helping his family.

But I adore Cassie; she is strong and very determined. She knows what she want in life and isn’t afraid to go after it. Just the way she’s facing her feelings for Alex and she doesn’t take no for an answer is so fabulous to read. I was glad to see that she was able to turn Alex around and make him face his actions and make up some lost time with his family.

This book wasn’t as great as the other two in the series and I know that it has something to do with the fact that I didn’t like Alex that much. He was a real pain in the butt some times. But the balance between Cassie’s enthusiasm and Alex’s stubbornness made it a nice book to read.


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