zondag 28 februari 2010

Larissa Ione - Snowbound

Robyn Montgomery is a successful radio station manager in the big city. Now she is forced to return home for a reunion, near a famous ski resort and she knows she cannot refuse. She has agreed to help them raise an auction and asked her ex-boyfriend and boss Damon to help her out with the auction. But only a few days before they are leaving, Damon calls the whole thing off. Now Roby has to come up with another auctioneer gig or she will ruin things once again.

Sean Trenton is a previous Olympic skier, who now works as a ski patroller. He loves what he’s doing but is still dealing with his unfortunate accident two year ago. Now he is working on a deal to host a sport program. In order to get the job, all Sean has to do is keep beautiful Robyn, whom he just met away form his new boss Damon.

But Sean knows that lying to his new girlfriend will eventually come out. So he has to decide what comes first; his new job or his new girlfriend.

Snowbound by Larissa Ione is a heartwarming romance story about two people who are meant to be together. The only thing they have to do is deal with their past and start looking on what lies ahead of them.

Robyn is a warm open woman, who has many traumatic memories from her high school years and she is not looking forward to visit her old town. She moved to the big city years ago and is now working for a successful radio station. The only mistake she made is agreeing to come to the reunion and host the auction. When her boss and ex-boyfriend bail out their agreement, she sees no other choice then to go alone and hope for the best. Then she meets Sean Trenton. He is everything she every wanted in a man, gorgeous, loving and honest, at least that is what she thought. But Sean isn’t totally honest with her about his new job and he knows he have to choose between loving her or get the job he might hate later.

What I love about contemporary romance novels is the identification with the characters. You could easily see yourself in one the characters, because they dealing with normal daily stuff. Larissa Ione did a fabulous job with Robyn and Sean; you can see that the attraction between them is huge from the start. Although Sean hurts Robyn at first, he did make it up to her in the only way he could have done and I love him for it.

Larissa Ione is definitely one of my favorite authors, because no matter what genre she writes, she delivers exactly what you’ve expect from her. I love all her books


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