vrijdag 19 februari 2010

C.J. England - Eyes of fire

Talia has never felt that she belong somewhere, no matter what she did she never got a compliment from her parents. The only thing that matters to her parents is getting married and starts a family of her own, but Talia has other plans. Then she is kidnapped by monsters from her parent’s house and faces a horrible future. But surprisely she’s rescued by a gorgeous man with pointed ears. Talia cannot worry about that, the only thing that matters; is getting out of the Orcs cave.

Prince Calion Saralonde of the Calen’tour Elves cannot believe his eyes when he sees his enemies the Orcs, carrying a human female. It’s forbidden to ever take a human into their realm, and even though the humans are his enemy as well, he cannot let the Orcs have this woman. So he will save her and send her back to her own world.

But Calion couldn’t predict being attracted to this beautiful woman and although the Elves have a long-standing hatred for humans, he falls for Talia. So when Calion takes Talia back to his kingdom, they have to face the King.

Eyes of fire by C.J. England is the first novel in The Mylari Chronicles and I have to say it was a real surprise for me. The moment I start reading I was lured into this world and couldn’t stop reading, so it wasn’t a surprise that I finished the book the same day. I really enjoyed reading this novel.

From the moment Talia and Calion meet you can feel the sparkles between them, it’s clear they are attracted to each other. For Talia it’s clear, she belong in the Fae world, finally she feels at home, a feeling she haven’t felt in her own world. But Calion fights with ever power he has in him to stay as far away from her, it’s against their laws to get involved with humans and as heir to the throne he cannot risks having an affair with Talia. But he knows he has to take her with him to his father, they need to find out why the Orcs wanted Talia and are still looking for her. What is Talia’s connection with the prophecy they talking about?

This is a book with a lot of emotions in it, I often found myself wanted to scream against Calion to finally get a grip and take responsibility for his actions. The way Calion treated Talia while he tried to deny his feelings for her, only because he wanted to make his father happy. I totally admire Talia, the way she handle things, she loves Calion from the beginning and took every punishment or cruelty she got from the Kind, Elves and even Calion, because she knew it in her heart it would turn out right eventually.

C.J. England has created a whole world similar to the human world, but with different laws and species. The way she puts Talia down as a fabulous determined woman, who is not afraid to fight for her believing the struggles Calion had to embrace his love for Talia were overwhelming and sometimes frustrated to read, so she did a fabulous job.

I do hope C.J. England will write the other books soon. I cannot wait to read more of this series. If you love reading about magic and the fact that love conquers all, then this is the book to read.


CJ England zei

I just saw this. Thank you for the awesome review. I'm so pleased you enjoyed the book. I am hoping the next two books will be published this next year.

Thank you!

CJ England

Lady Caella zei

You are very welcome, but it's a great book so it is only natural that I write a fabulous review about it. I cannot wait to discover the next books in this series...I will be looking forward to read them.

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