vrijdag 19 februari 2010

Anthology - Hot Nights, Dark Desires

The art of desire by Eden Bradley:
Sophie has been fascinated by tattoos her whole life, but she never had the nerve to get one. But she is tired of being the good girl, so when her best friend ask her to go with her when she’s getting her tattoo, Sophie knows this might be her only change. Then she meets Tristan, the artist of skin ink, he is the one who design her first tattoo but also brings her to higher ground with his touch and kisses.

Shadow play by Sydney Croft:
Brenna St. James nightmare is coming true, her modeling career is falling apart and if she doesn’t get back in the saddle soon; her career will be over. Brenna knows she’s being haunted by a ghost, because she cannot be seen on film, only a blur and consider her paranormal background, she know she is right. The only man who can help her is Hex, the photographer and an expert on paranormal field. Now they have to work together and help the ghost to move on before things are getting out of hand.

Night Vision by Stephanie Tyler:
Catie Lanford inherited a bar from her uncle and her only goal is to restore the bar back to health and sell it as quickly as possible. Catie wants to return back to art school. So Catie hires Bat Kelly, a cooler, in the hope he can have the job done within weeks. But nobody could have predicted the huge chemistry between them, especially when Catie ask Bat to posse for her sexual art drawings.

Holy Moly what an awesome anthology, all three stories are full of steamy scenes and great sexy characters. I couldn’t put the book down, it lured me right into it and I wasn’t surprised that I finished the book a few hours later. After each story I wanted to get involved with the male character; an ink artist who could tattoo the way Tristan did to Sophie, or having a photo shoot with the sexy photographer Hex, and last but not least Bat can pouring me a drink anytime anywhere.

I cannot say otherwise then those three authors are a must read.


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