zondag 28 februari 2010

Stephanie Tyler - Hard to Hold

Jake Hansen grew up with an abusive step-father and when he died in a fight with Jake, the Waldron family took him in and raises him as one of their own. But Jake was trouble from day one and the only thing left for him was joining the Military at the age of 15. Now he is one of the best Nave Seal of their unit, because Jake doesn’t hold back. While a dangerous mission in Africa, his unit finds an American woman, a hostage. Jake cannot believe his eyes when he sees the woman tied up, and beaten half to death, his instinct kicks in and he do everything in his power to get her home safe.

Isabelle Markham has everything in her life that every woman dreams about, a successful career as a surgeon and a fiancĂ© who says he loves her. But Isabelle feels restless, so she joins the Doctor without Borders program in Africa. For the first time in her life she feels free of obligations, pressures and definitely her mother’s political career. But then she is kidnapped for ransom, tied up and beaten half to death.

Hard to hold by Stephanie Tyler is the first novel in the Hard to Hold Trilogy and one hell of a book. I never knew that I could love those Navy Seal romance novels so much, but Stephanie Tyler change all that. It’s full of action, fears, excitement and definitely sexual attraction, one fabulous combination.

Jake Hansen is one tough man, who isn’t afraid of anything; he grew up in an abusive home. Luckily for Jake, the Waldron family took him in after his step-father death and the bond between him and his adopted brothers Nick Devane and Chris Waldron became stronger than ever. But when he and Nick rescue a woman, during their mission in Africa Jake’s though heart begin to melt for that woman.

Isabelle is strong and good at her job, but she is restless so she needs to find out what she wants with her life before it’s too late to change anything. She joins the Doctor without Border in Africa, but she never could have imagined being kidnapped, raped, tied up and left to die. But the moment Jake walks through that door and save her life, she knows he is the right man for her.

I cannot believe that Isabelle had any will left to live after all she’s been through in Africa. You can say that makes her one hell of a strong determined woman. She isn’t afraid to go after things she wants and she wants Jake. And what about Jake…OMG what a man, with scars of his own from his past, trying hard to avoid Isabelle, but have to admit that beside his brother Nick and Chris, she is the only one who can chase away the nightmares.

I loved the interaction between the three brothers, not bound by blood but a bond stronger than that, along with a loving father. I couldn’t stop reading until I came to the last pages. All I have left to say is that this is a fabulous first book in this new trilogy and I cannot wait to find out more about Nick and Chris.


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