zondag 28 februari 2010

Stephanie Tyler - Coming Undone

Carolyn “Carly” Winters is a retired professional surfer. She has a terrible accident in her last competition and since then she has panic attacks whenever she gets near the ocean. So everyone thought it was strange when she bought the beach house, but it was all part of her plan to get back in the saddle. Now she is helping her best friend spice up her sex life, so she writes an erotic fantasy and faxed it to her friend. But what Carly doesn’t know, she accidentally faxed it to the Mayport Military Base, right in the hands of Jonathan Huntington.

Lieutenant Jonathan “Hunt” Huntington cannot believe his eyes when he receives an erotica fantasy by fax and is determined to find this mysterious woman and maybe fulfill this fantasy of hers. When Hunt arrives at Carly’s home to confront her, he couldn’t imagine that his life would change tremendously. Carly needs help and need a temporally boyfriend for her sister’s wedding, so Hunt offers his help, exchange for some surfing lessons.

Will Hunt be able to help her overcome her fears of the ocean or will he break her heart instead?

Coming Undone by Stephanie Tyler is fabulous Navy Seal novel and easy to read. The novel is full of fears, emotions and of course sexual attraction.

The chemistry between Carly and Hunt is huge and right there from the beginning. Hunt is the kind of guy who feels the need to help everyone around him and ask nothing in return. So when he meets Carly, a retired surfer who is afraid to get back in the water after her accident, he is determined to help her back in the water. Carly falls hard for Hunt, the moment he shows up on her doorstep and basically demands a fulfillment of the fantasy, she cannot get him out of her mind. And when her parents think he is her boyfriend, they invite him to her sister’s wedding. When she discover Hunt fears to open his heart for everyone close around him, like his brother and her, she’ll do anything in her power to make him see that there isn’t anything to be afraid of.

Hunt’s brother Ty and Carly’s best friend Samantha are fabulous secondary characters. From the moment those two meet each other; you can sense that there is a second storyline.

I really enjoyed this wonderful romantic story and I cannot wait to read what Stephanie Tyler has in store for Cash in the next novel.


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