maandag 6 april 2009

Stephenie Meyer - New moon

This novel continues almost right where the last one ended, Bella is becoming more and more comfortable with her vampire boyfriend and his family. When Bella celebrate her birthday at the Cullens house and accidentally cuts herself, one of the family members cannot contain himself and makes a jump for Bella. Edward protects her, but this makes it all to clear to the family that keeping Bella close put her life in danger. Slowly Edward begins to withdraw himself from Bella in order to leave her and keep her save.

Bella’s grief of losing Edward and his family is heartbroken and she withdraws herself totally from her friends at school and her family. But Jacob, the young Native American and son of Bella’s father’s friend is around and he becomes a very close friend. He is the one who helps her through her depression and help her get on with her life. But will friendship be enough for Jacob?

When Alice appears on Bella’s doorstep with the message that Edward believe she is dead and wants to end his life, Bella drops everything and rush to him, hoping she’s in time to save him. Even if this means she has to face her father’s anger and Jacob disappointment.

New Moon by Stephenie Meyer is the second novel in her Twilight series and again I loved it. This is a young adult novel about a relationship of a young woman with her vampire boyfriend and her best friend who happens to be a werewolf shape shifter, and I don’t mind this being a young adult novel.

I totally understand Edward decision to leave Bella in order to keep her save and alive, but Bella’s grief is really heart wrenching. Every young girl at her age will totally loose herself in grief and forget all about the world. And when a young man comes along and pulls her out of the grief and gives her life meaning that is a huge bonus. Jacob is the guy who every young woman wants; he is attractive, strong and happens to be a werewolf. He is determined to make Bella forget all about Edward and hope for her love in return, but nothing is as it should be. Bella loves Jacob as a friend and when she leaves everything behind when Edward & Alice need her, it’s just so sad to see Jacob hurting the way he does, he really cares for Bella and he doesn’t give up.

I have to say the ending was good and even has a little cliff-hanger for the next novel to come, so I’m curious to see what will happen next with Edward, Bella, Jacob and the Cullen family.


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