dinsdag 7 april 2009

Lynn Viehl - Twilight fall

Liling Harper is a young woman on the run, she doesn’t spend to much time in one place, but lately she spends some time at the Lighthouse Rehabilitation Center, where she place beautiful flowers in the patients rooms and keeping the garden in shape. Liling even visit some of the patients and read for them, especially Luisa. But one day when she works in the garden, a photo was taken and ends up in a magazine all over the world. Liling knows it is time to run again and leave everything behind in order to save her own live.

Valentin Jaus is a Darkyn lord in pain; he lost the only woman he ever loved to one of his kind. But that is not all he also lost his arm in a duel with a friend and isn’t able to use this arm. He made a promise to his friends Michael & Alexandra to take care of wounded Luisa, so he put her in his rehab center with the best doctors and care he could find. When he visits Luisa he meets Liling, the beautiful gardener and isn’t able to stop thinking of her. When she needs help and a ride out of town, he doesn’t hesitate and offers her his help.

But Liling’s followers are close and they don’t hesitate to eliminate everything or everyone standing in their way. Will Valentin be able to keep Liling save and let her in his heart forever?

Twilight fall by Lynn Viehl is the sixth book in her Darkyn series and I don’t have to tell you this is another fabulous novel. I know now why she is on my favourite author list, her novels are hot, steamy and full of danger and excitement and that is all I need.

Valentin Jaus is a lonely man, he lost the only woman he loved to one of his friend, one of his own kinds and hasn’t been able to get her of his mind. When he meets Liling in the Rehabilitation center, he cannot believe the feelings he has for her. Will it be possible for him to love another woman, to hold another woman and forget all about the past? The only thing he knows is keeping Liling saves from her followers and finds out if she feels the same way about him. Liling is an orphan on the run, she grew up in an orphan home with her twin brother, but like all the other orphans they had special gifts. During an outbreak she was able to run and promise herself not ever to go back to that place and be used for her talent. But now her followers were close and the only right thing to do is trust this handsome Darkyn Lord and accept his help.

I really love to read about the secondary characters from the previous books. Especially Michael and Alexandra, they both have a very special place in my heart. Michael for being old fashion and wants to protect his wife from all the threats in the world. But Alexandra is a woman from the 21st century and believes she can manage all on her own and is determined to find the cure for all the Darkyn. When she hears about Liling and the place she grew up with, she knows the answer are near.

Twilight fall is an exciting book to read and I cannot believe the next novel Stay the night will be the last one in this series. But I’m curious to see if Robin of Locksley will find his match.


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