dinsdag 7 april 2009

Rachel Caine - The dead girls' dance

At the end of Glass Houses we had an awesome cliff-hanger and the story begins exactly where they left off. Claire, Shane and Eve are in shock what Shane’s father and his fellow vampire slayer have done to Michael. Shane’s father returned to Morganville after a disturbing phone call of his son, but he is there for one reason only; to kill as many vampires he can find and nothing or anyone stands in his way.

Shane lost his sister a few years ago during a fire, his mother wasn’t able to life with it and died shortly after that. Shane and his father blame the vampires for this event and have been planning for revenge ever since. Shane returned back to Morganville so he could give the inside information to his father, but living with Michael, Eve and Claire change his mind, but the mistake he made is already to late and now Michael has to pay the price for it.

The four young people realize that the problems Shane’s dad is causing will jeopardy their protection of the Founder. The rules are simple if they’re involved in killing vampires, the protection is gone and they all will be shooting ducks for some of the vampires who want them dead. When Shane is accused of killing one of the vampires, it’s up to Claire and Eve to find the real killer and save Shane.

The dead girls’ dance by Rachel Caine is the second novel in her Morganville vampire series and definitely a fabulous one.

The friendship between Shane, Michael, Eve and Claire is getting stronger by the minute, no matter what happens to one of them, the others are there to pick up the pieces. We even witness a romance between Shane and Claire, although Shane knows Claire is young and under age, he cannot ignore his feelings for her. So they are taking baby steps to give their growing love a chance, but it’s hard when most of the town is hunting you.

I love the fact that bully Monica is getting a little of what is coming to her, when she turns up at the other end of the table and is the victim for once. And if it weren’t for Claire and her friends, this could end up real bad for her.

Another great aspect of this series is that the books are following each other up pretty well, it’s better to read this series in the right order, or otherwise you’ll be missing some crucial parts of the storyline.

At the end Rachel Caine ends with a huge cliff-hanger, leaving readers panting and begging for the next novel. I have to say one of the best Young Adult novels I’ve ever read and I’m definitely going to read the rest of the series.


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