maandag 6 april 2009

Rachel Caine - Glass houses

Claire Danvers is a sixteen year old teen and a freshman at college. Although she’s very young her parents decided to send her to school in Morganville, where she is living on campus. Popular Monica and her followers have the picks on Claire to the point that bullying Claire almost kills her. So Claire is determined to find an off campus apartment and she believes to have found the right place in Morganville. The three roommates reluctantly accept Claire even though she is underage. But when they discover who is bullying Claire, they cannot let her stay at campus. From her roommates Claire discovers that most of the town is under protection and control of vampires, but not their house or the people living inside.

Because the house has powerful protection of its own, it keeps the vampires out and the roommates save inside. When Claire returns to classes the attacks of Monica doesn’t stop, she even sends her vampire friends after Claire. But Claire gets help from her roommates, Shane hates Monica and he knows that with Michael unavailable during daytime he is the right choice to keep her save. Even Eve is determined to protect Claire from the bullies. Claire discovers that the vampires are looking for an ancient book, so she is determined to find it and trade it for her and her roommate’s safety.

Glass houses by Rachel Caine is the first novel in her Morganville series and I have to say I like it. Rachel Caine created a world full of powerful vampires but with a reality so you can relate to it.

Claire is a sixteen year old girl, who starts as a freshman at a new college. She’s smart, skip a class so she is the youngest of the class and when she made a correct to Monica about something they handle in class, she’s the target of this bully. From that moment Monica and her followers are making Claire’s life a living hell. So when they abuse Claire almost to dead, Claire decide to find a living place outside the campus and she finds with Michael, Shane and Eve. When Claire discovers vampires are for real and that they are living targets at night, she is determined to find the one thing they wanted the most…an ancient book. That special book has to make sure she and her roommates are safe from all the threats in this town.

But that’s not all what Claire discovers, by accident she discovers Michael’s big secret and why he’s keeping this from his roommates. She has to promise not to tell anyone, but can she keep this secret.

With a little cliff-hanger at the end this author lures you back to the second novel and find out what will happens to Claire and her friends.


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