maandag 6 april 2009

Lynn Viehl - Evermore

During a raining night Jayr is attack by a group of thieves who wants to take him down, only for an expensive Rolex watch. But the thieves are shocked when they discover that this young boy isn’t an easy target, because Jayr is not only a woman but also a Darkyn. She can fight like any male Darkyn and she is not alone, her Lord Byrne and his best friend Robyn are near. Jayr became Darkyn at an early age, during the last battle by Robert she tried to help a wounded man, not knowing that would change her life forever. Turned by this man Aaden mac Byrne, she joins his realm and served him well after centuries and deep in her heart she loves him dearly.

Aadan mac Byrne is the seneschal of the Darkyn in his area and the Lord of the castle, the Realm where fellow Darkyn can come and celebrate some festivals. But Byrne feels he is losing control little by little over his berserker, his beast. So he is ready to step down and let someone else take over before he hurts someone, especially the woman he loves secretly, Jayr.

When Michael, the lead Darkyn of all America and his wife Alexandra make their way to the Realm to choose a new leader, nothing goes as it should be. Before any decision is made, an old enemy of Robin of Locksley shows up and throw some damper over the whole event.

Evermore by Lynn Viehl is the fifth novel in her Darkyn series and a real treasure. Just like the previous books Miss Lynn Viehl knows how to lure me into a world full of danger, conspiracy and great characters from fairytales. What I love most about the books is the real connection between them.

Main characters Jayr and Byrne are strong, determined and a little bit stubborn. They both have strong feelings for the other, but in secret. Byrne is the head of his area, but lately he feels restless and knows he cannot control the beast inside him. The only thing to do is to step down and let another run his realm. Byrne knows he will have to give up Jayr when he steps down. When Jayr hears about Byrne stepping down, she is furious because she doesn’t want another boss to serve and with the help of Alexandra she now knows how to seduce the only man she loves and wants.

I really love the fact that in every novel in this Darkyn series, Michael en Alexandra make an appearance. We learn more about the bond between those two and Alexandra’s journey to find a cure for all Darkyns.

Lynn Viehl writes fabulous and treats the readers on a huge doses paranormal that we can value and I’m curious to see what will happens next.


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