zondag 13 april 2008

Jenna Petersen - Scandalous

After watching her parent’s horrible marriage, in which her mother closed her eyes for her cheating husband, Katherine Fleming promises this will not happen to her. So she chose her future husband with care and she believes she found the perfect candidate. Her fiancĂ© Cole Mallory is the kind of man who will be her best friend but not the love of her life. At their engagement party, Katherine finds out that Cole’s dead wife is still alive. Now Katherine finds herself in the middle of a scandal that could ruin her for life.

Dominic Mallory is the black-sheep of the family. His mother fell in love during her marriage and the result of the secret affair was Dominic. His stepfather claimed him as a Mallory, but hated his existence, just like his older brother Cole. His mother cannot look at him without being reminded of her mistake, the only person who accepts him for who he is, is his older sister. Now Dominic arrives at his brother engagement party with a reason, to buy Lansing Square, in the hope he can find some answers about his birthright. But he couldn’t imagine ending up with a wife.

To save Katherine’s reputation Cole uses blackmail to force Dominic into marrying Katherine, in return he will get Lansing Square. But that’s not all; Cole wants Katherine’s money too and beat Dominic once again. But what Cole couldn’t predict is the passion between Katherine and Dominic. And with his jealousy Cole tries to sabotage their marriage… will their love be strong enough to survive?

As main-characters we see Katherine and Dominic, two people determined not to fall in love after seeing their parents in a loveless marriage. But they cannot deny the strong attraction between them. In her way Katherine helps Dominic dealing with his past and searching for some documents so he can finds his biological father. And in return Dominic shows Katherine the passion for loving each other, not knowing that he falls in love with his wife by doing that.

As secondary characters we have Cole Mallory and his wife Sarah, both determined to see the marriage between Katherine and Dominic end. Then we have Dominic’s mother Larissa, who treat’s her own son like dirt, since the day he was born. Julia Mallory is Dominic’s sister and a real close friend of Katherine. Julie is the only one in the Mallory family whose treats Dominic for the man he really is.

Scandalous by Jenna Petersen is the first novel I’ve read from this author and I loved it. It is a novel that wills lure you right into a world full of romance, betrayal and true love.

I can truly say she has written a fabulous story. I’m really curious what she has in store for me with her other novels, which are waiting for me on my bookshelves. Will she be able to capture my attention again and hold it all the way through?


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