zondag 13 april 2008

Monica McCarty - Highlander Untamed

Rory MacLeod is the powerful Highland Chief of the MacLeod clan. When his sister Margaret is humiliated by MacDonald of Sleat and injured on one eye, he swears to get revenge. But now he finds himself in a handfast marriage to Isabel MacDonald for one year. Rory is not pleased about this, but to avenge his sister and the possibility of having peace is too tempting. And when he finally meets his bride, he becomes even more tempted. Isabel is the most beautiful woman he’s ever sees. But Rory is determined to refuse to consummate their marriage, he wants no child with a MacDonald and he will return Isabel back to her father when the year is over.

Isabel MacDonald volunteers herself to be hand-fasted to Rory MacLeod for one year. She always felt like she was on outsider in her family. Her father and brothers paid no attention to her, so she feels if she sacrifices herself for the good fo the clan, she will be accepted. But her uncle Sleat has other plans for her, she must seduce Rory and find the “Fairy Flag” and the secret entrance of the MacLeods castle. Her uncle means to crush the MacLeod clan in anyway he can, even if this means using his own niece.

Can Isabel betray the man she dearly loves in order to save her own clan? Or will she turn her back on her family and chose Rory and his clan?

Main-characters Isabel MacDonald and Rory MacLeod are both determined to end the handfast marriage between them before the year is over.
Rory MacLeod, the Highlander Chief only agreed with the handfast marriage to keep the peace among his people and to buy some time to convince King James to give him the land he wants dearly. But Rory couldn’t imagine the power this lass Isabel would have and she melts down the walls around his heart.
Isabel MacDonald has always been the outsider of her clan, even her father and brothers treat her that way. Now she has the opportunity to be accepted by them and volunteers to be hand-fasted to their enemy Rory MacLeod. But her uncle Sleat has other plans, he forced her to find the secret entrance and the “Fairy Flag” of the MacLeod castle, so he can crush them once and for all.
Will Isabel be able to betray the only man she loves?

Alex and Margaret MacLeod are great secondary characters. Margaret is Rory’s younger sister and humiliated by MacDonald of Sleat, she even got injured on one eye. But when she meets Isabel, their become best friends for life, even when they are both from the enemy. Alex MacLeod is Rory’s younger brother, he wants revenge on the MacDonald clan, just like Rory does, for hurting his little sister. But he cannot help to care for Isabel the moment she walks into their lives. And of course, uncle Sleat MacDonald who is determined to use everyone even his own niece to get what he wants.

Highlander Untamed by Monica McCarty is the first novel in the Highlander Trilogy. It is a fabulous historical romance that will take you on a journey through the Scottish Highland. This novel lured me right into a world full of betrayal, loyalty and romance.

Monica McCarty has written an amazingly story. I found it enjoyable to read with a strong heroine with her very gorgeous highlander. I hope she continues to write like this in her next two novels and lures me right back into their world again.
I know Alex MacLeod will be next and I cannot wait to read what’s in store for him. I’m looking forward to his story.


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