donderdag 7 juni 2012

Toni Aleo - Taking Shots

Title : Taking Shots
Series : Assassins # 1
Release date : November 28th, 2011 (first published October 4th, 2011)
Publisher : Lulu
Genre : Contemporary Romance


Elli Fisher has never thought she was good enough. Let it be her job, her weight, her love life, nothing, she was convinced she couldn’t do anything right. She had walked through life for the past six years in a daze, never thinking that life could be good again after the abuse she endured from her ex boyfriend. She is lonely, sad, and depressed, that is until she meets Shea Adler. After doing a promotional shoot for the NHL team, the Nashville Assassins, she meets the hunky hockey player who shoots a puck, shattering her world.

Shea Adler was tired of the life he was living outside of the rink. The girls, the money blowing, the drinking, everything had to stop and it all did when he met Eleanor Fisher. He had never met anyone like her. She is feisty, witty, shy, and simply gorgeous. When he laid eyes on her, it was as if he was taking the hardest hit of his life into the boards, and he had to have her.

Elli is a little sceptical of Shea, but he knows that they were meant to be together, and he needed her in his life. But Elli just doesn’t understand what Shea could see in her. She is overweight, loud, and not even that pretty, so why would someone so gorgeous and so amazing want to be with her? It seemed that no matter how hard she tried to shake Shea off, he wasn’t going anywhere, and for the first time Elli didn’t feel alone.

But could Elli throw her insecurities out the window and love Shea with everything inside of her? Or will she let a past relationship, and her family ruin any chance of her being happy?

Would Elli miss her shot at love?

Taking Shots by Toni Aleo is the first novel in her Assassins Series and I have to tell you this book blew me away. After I read the book description I knew I had to read it and it was one hell of a ride. The moment I start reading I knew this novel would be hard to put down and I found myself reading way past my bedtime.

We meet Eleanor “Elli” Fisher, who is a fantastic photographer with her own business. For years she’s trying to get the job to photograph the local hockey team “Assassins”; who happens to be her favourite team. Now the opportunity has finally come, she will be doing the group and single shoots of the players and the moment Shea Adler steps in front of the camera she is lost.

Shea Adler is the captain of the Assassins hockey team and is known as a man who knows what he wants and will fight to get it. The moment he meets Elli at the photo shoot he knows she’s the one for him, but Elli isn’t like all the other women and he has to work hard to get what he wants.

OMG what an amazing book, I totally fell in love with the characters, the hockey team and the storyline. The moment Shea came into the picture, I was in love and when I read about the way he cares for Elli, made me want him for myself. Holy Moly that man is gorgeous on the inside and out. I loved the fact that he didn’t care that Elli had a little meat on her bones. I cheered for him when he stood up for Elli against her evil mother and sister and I cried for him when their relationship didn’t go as they planned.

Toni Aleo has written an amazing novel with a great storyline and amazing characters. I’m dying to read more novels by this fabulous author and her yummy hockey players, so Toni Aleo watches out cause I will be following you around.


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