zaterdag 2 juni 2012

Maisey Yates - Marriage Made on Paper

Title                 : Marriage Made on Paper
Release date  : March 18, 2011
Publisher         : Harlequin
Genre             : Contemporary Romance

When ambitious public relations expert Lily Ford signs a contract with hotshot property tycoon Gage Forrester, she inadvertently signs her life away! A tough taskmaster, he wants Lily at his beck and call 24/7.

Gage expects employees to go above and beyond. So, when he needs to generate some positive PR, his solution is completely unexpected: he proposes to Lily! All in the name of business, of course.

This may be a deal struck on paper, but Gage is a stickler for tradition when it comes to their wedding night!

Marriage Made on Paper by Maisey Yates is a great contemporary romance novel, where the author created two fabulous characters any reader could relate too.

Lily Ford is a PR agent who has her own company; she has put everything on hold to get her agency where it is now. Then Gage Forrester walks into her office and wants her to handle his PR. The only catch is that she has to be available 24/7. Then something happens in the Forrester family that explodes in the media and Lily has to find a way to get the attention away from Gage’s sister. Never would she imagine she has to play Gage’s fiancée.

Lily and Gage are fabulous together; from the moment they meet they feel this huge attraction between them. Both of them are fighting these feelings; Gage doesn’t want to mix business with pleasure and Lily likes her independence. But they cannot ignore the sparkles between them and soon they will find themselves in an engagement they both want to succeed.

Maisey Yates has written a fabulous novel with great characters, a good storyline and lots of sparkles flying around. I couldn’t put the book down and read the whole thing in one sitting; this means that I totally loved it. Because I loved it so much that I’m definitely going to check out the other books from this author.


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