dinsdag 5 juni 2012

DeAnna Marie Kinney - Charity Moon

Title                 : Charity Moon
Release date   : April 12th, 2012
Genre             : Young Adult / Paranormal Romance

Charity Bell is eighteen, beautiful, and has an unyielding chip on her shoulder. The loss of her father and betrayal of her stepfather have left her angry and confident that no man will ever win her trust, or possess her heart. She wears that declaration proudly--on her countenance, as well as her sharp tongue.

That's all tested when the enchanting Levi Drake transfers from her rival school across town. In a town divided by intense rivalry this should mean trouble, and yet the school is quickly won over by his alluring charm. When a strange encounter with the mysterious young man leaves Charity bewildered, she's convinced he's hiding something and sets out on a dangerous plot to discover his secret. What she uncovers, however, will leave her both grasping for reality and hanging onto the tattered shreds of what's left of her declaration. As she faces the demons of her past, and present, she must decide if she can live, or die, with his.

Charity Moon by DeAnna Kinney is the first novel in the series and it’s an amazing read. It’s a novel that you’ll read fast, not only because it’s easy to read but also because the storyline and the characters are fabulous.

Charity Bell is an eighteen year old young woman, who lost her father and still struggles with his dead. She cannot get along with her new stepfather and is afraid to be alone with him. So she is spending a lot of time with her best friend Ash after school or locks herself up in her bedroom until her mother gets home from work. Now there is a new man in her life that turns her world upside down.

Levi Drake has been transferred from the school across town and is immediately drawn to Charity. He knows she’s forbidden for him, but he cannot ignore the huge attraction towards her. Charity knows something is up with this boy and when she discovers his secret of whom and what he really is, she freaks out a little. But it appears she is stronger than they thought by adapting in his world.

Charity and Levi are both great character, the moment you start reading you will loved them. Charity has a lip balm fetish and cannot seem to live without that stuff. Levi is definitely the alpha he needs to be, although he’s very young he takes the job very serious.

I also loved secondary characters Ash, Josh and Hector. Ash is Charity’s best friend and will do anything to keep Charity save. Josh is Levi’s second in command and also drawn to the human girls instead of their own people, so of course Ash isn’t save from him. Then we have Hector; who is really a member of the rival pack but decide to switch pack after meeting Charity.

Miss Kinney has written a fabulous novel where she created an amazing world with great characters. I found myself turning page after page because I wanted to see what happened next between Charity and Levi and if they were going to get a happy ending after what their evil enemies Wesley and Raven did to them.

I’m already looking forward to the sequel Charity Uprising and cannot wait to read it.


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